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Practicing devanagari via the keyboard


I'm learning Hindi using this excellent online course. Yet after going through the first few lessons, I noticed that I hadn't had any opportunity to practice devanagari via my keyboard. Yesterday, I went through the trouble of creating my triscriptual keyboard layout (my native German layout plus devanagari plus the cyrillic alphabet) and it took two hours to print it and glue the glyphs onto my keyboard. Finally, I set up my Linux computer to handle everything, and now it turns out that at least in the beginning, I can't write anything by myself. I am doubtful that I can learn the alphabet without writing things by myself.

Thus, two questions:

1) Will I have the opportunity to try and write down something in devanagari? In other words, do future lessons support that?

2) If not, would it be possible to include lessons where one may do so?

With best regards, Marseillan1

January 18, 2019


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If you are using Duolingo on your computer, you can switch between the word bank and using the Devanagari keyboard on all questions that ask you to translate an English sentence into Hindi. Select the 'Use keyboard option' on the bottom (between 'Skip' and 'Check')


I recommend the phonetic Devanagari layout, because the letters map nicely to their latin equivalent (ISO 15919), and the map follows the same convention as in the first five lessons of the course. It is almost effortless to learn if you are familiar with the US layout (mostly Z and Y are inverted compared to a German layout).

Use shift to write the aspired consonant (shift + c = छ) or to make a vowel longer (k, shift +i = की ). Use alt to spell out vowels (alt + a = अ ). Use f to create conjunct consonants ( s, f, t = स्त ).

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