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Add courses with different "mother tongue" ?


I use Duolingo mainly to learn german, spanish and italian. Since there is nothing (yet) in my mother tongue (French), I have to learn these in English.

Why not ? I learn or maintain some english vocabulary.

But I would like to learn English with French as a mother tongue. The lessons exist, but if I select a class with French as a mother tongue, all my other classes (with English as a mother tongue, please follow) disapear.

Hopefully, if I select one class with english as a mother tongue, all of them return with my progression.

But I can not have all of them in one list next to the portrait. It is either English for french speaker, or German, Spanish, Italian for English speaker.

Is it normal ? Or a known issue ?

Thank you for your answers. Please excuse mistakes.

May 18, 2014



Normal. And you loose nothing. The problem seems to be, that the interface language changes depending on "mother tongue" of the course. So while in English interface you see only courses for english speakers and while e.g. in the German interface you only see courses with german as base. Though it is a bit annoying your progress is in no danger at all.


Thank you for your answer. It is as I noticed. Do they plan to correct this ? I hope they realize a lot of people take courses with english as a mother tongue since they is not yet in their our language.

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