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"Das rote Fahrrad ist nicht klein."

Translation:The red bicycle is not small.

April 6, 2013



Could someone please tell me why it is rote? I thought that because the bike is neuter and in nominative case the adjective would simply be rot. Any help appreciated thanks :)


Perhaps you thought that because ein doesn't have an ending for neuter nominative?

Adjectives don't inflect exactly like ein, though.

The endings they take depend on whether there's something in front of them, and if so, what.

After a definite article (der, die, das etc.), they take weak inflection -- this is -e in the nominative singular for all genders, and also for the accusative singular for neuter and feminine (where nominative = accusative always). All other combinations are -en in weak inflection (i.e. masculine accusative singular; all cases in the plural; and genitive and dative of all genders).


Just when I thought I had a handle on it. /headexplode. The instructions indicate that when adjective before noun, in nominative, neutral gets +s..... oh..... if the article is "das" its +e, if its "ein", its +es. Ugh. ok.


Need to write that on my wall ;-)


In the nominative, "rot" will always end with an "e" no matter the gender


That's only true in the weak inflection, e.g. after the definite article.

Not trust in weak or mixed inflection, e.g. ein rotes Auto or roter Wein.


Yeah I forgot to mention it works only with definite articles not indefinite


Cycle and bicycle is not same. Today I got to know from Duo. Thanks Duo.


I misspelled Fahrrad but Duolingo didn't correct me or let me know that it was misspelled, it has been happening a lot lately. Anyone experiencing this?


Ist the declension for neuter in nominative -es? So shouldnt this be rotes Fahrrad? Help this is clashing with the strong and weak declensions I did but a minute ago from Duo's own table.


Ist the declension for neuter in nominative -es?

No, the weak inflection is -e in the nominative singular (for all genders).

Thus das rote Fahrrad.

The -s on das already shows neuter nominative, so rot doesn't have to do so as well.

On the other hand, "a red bicycle" would be ein rotes Fahrrad -- since ein has no -s ending, rot has to have one.

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