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App update refuses to sync progress

Hi all, after finishing my French and Spanish tree (back before the 4.0 iOS update) I used the app a lot for the progress. Since then I have mostly used the web.

Anyway to cut the story short I decided to use the application today to further my Italian tree and so allowed the app to some time to download the content needed (verbs present 2 and adverbs) so that I could to go off line. I complete the adverbs section and passed a lesson in verbs present 2- when I went back online the progress was lost.

This has happened on two occasions since the latest version of the duolingo app (is anyone else having a similar problem?)

Am I writing this in right place- if not please tell me. Anyone help would be appreciated

May 18, 2014



I cannot get past "questions" and on to verb pres 2 the system keeps me there and try as I may it I has me stuck there . I have passed the rest but am stuck. Don't know where to get app or where to go now.


I have the same problem. If I work offline, Duolingo erase all my progress once I get back online. I stopped using it for that reason and was looking to see if anyone had the same problem. Waiting for an answer...

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