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  5. "nom peqet!"

"nom peqet!"

Translation:Run quickly!

January 18, 2019



This is a very minor nuance question, but, here goes: can this sentence mean both "run at a fast pace" and "run away, quickly, before something bad happens"? A comma between nom and peqet would seem to make the latter meaning more clear, but I'm wondering whether nom includes the notion of "instantaneously" as well as the primary meaning of actual velocity.


tIqIpqu' 'ej nom tIqIp Hit them hard and hit them fast. (TKW)

The idea of quickness here implies hitting before they can do anything about it. But it's an implication that comes from the situation, not from the words themselves. nom simply means fast, quickly. Any further implications you glean from it come from you.


We have {SIbI'} for "immediately" and {DaH} for "now" to cover "instantaneously". My thinking is that {nom} is only for velocity, or maybe someone carrying out a task quickly, but usually when I make a statement like that someone will instantly produce some canon to prove me wrong.

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