"That will pass."

Translation:Das geht vorbei.

April 6, 2013

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is "das wird vorbeigehen" really wrong? or is it rather that it's not really said..?


Technically correct, but nobody would say it like that.


To an English speaker like me, "Das geht vorbei" seems to include no indication of the future, while "Das wird vorbeigehen" does seem to indicate the future. Since the English sentence is "That WILL pass," as opposed to something like "that is passing" or "that is passed" or even "that's in the past," how does "geht" fill the bill? Thanks for any insights. I am not good at German.


I absolutely agree. The English word will is a future tense and in order to reflect this in German the word "wird" should be included. I also agree that "Das wird vorbeigehen" is both correct and also used. I use it with my family and include the word "schon" if I want to re-assure someone that something will pass.


what about "das wird vorbei"?


you are missing gehen. Das wird vorbei gehen. Which is the correct tense.

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