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  5. "I want eggs."

"I want eggs."

Translation:मुझे अंडे चाहिए।

January 18, 2019



Why is out not meh? What makes the pronoun oblique?

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चाहिए is always used with the dative form of a pronoun (मुझे, तुम्हे. उसे etc) or a noun+को.

You can also translate 'I want eggs' as 'मैं अंडे चाहता हूँ। ' which preserves the structure of the English sentence.

In this case, both sentences mean the same and the second one is perhaps not used so often. However, in general, चाहिए implies a stronger/more immediate desire than using the other forms of चाहना.

Eg: मैं पैसे चाहता हूँ। - I want money मुझे पैसे चाहिए - I want money (now) / I need money


Thank you, very helpful explanation


Why my answer मैं अंडे चाहता हूँ is incorrect?

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Should have been accepted. You can report if you see the sentence again.

Note the difference in the two sentences, however. When your desire is immediate (you are at a restaurant or shop and are saying 'I want eggs' for example), you should say मुझे अंडे चाहिए.
मैं अंडे चाहता हूँ implies a much less immediate and intense desire. For example, when you have a general craving for eggs but not at this moment.

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