Tips for French Pronunciation and Spelling for Beginners

Meet the CaReFuL rule:

  • If a French word ends in C, R, F or L (the letters in CaReFuL), the final letter is pronounced.
  • If the word ends with another letter, the final letter is silent.

Silent Letters: The Secret to Spelling in French Like a Pro

The ending letters that are not pronounced but are added for verbal agreement are in parentheses.

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  • Je parl(e). I speak.
  • Tu parl(es). You speak.
  • Il/Elle parl(e). He/she speaks.
  • Nous parlon(s) We speak.
  • Vous parlez. You speak.
  • Ils/Elles parl(ent). They speak.

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January 18, 2019


Je ne compre pas.

January 18, 2019

Ne t'inquiète pas, un jour vous comprendrez.

Start with the verb comprendre.


  • je comprends
  • tu comprends
  • il, elle, on comprend
  • nous comprenons
  • vous comprenez
  • ils, elles comprennent

Then you have: "Je ne comprends pas."

January 18, 2019

There is an exceptions on "If a French word ends in C, R, F or L (the letters in CaReFuL), the final letter is pronounced."

The verbs which ends in "-er" are pronouced ! (most of french verbs ends in "-er"...) For instance : chanter, marcher, sauter, jouer, ...

I'm sorry for ma bad English, I'm French x)

January 19, 2019

If I understand correctly, I think you mean that in the infinitive -er verbs the (r) is not pronounced.

January 19, 2019

Tenho uma dificuldade em distinguir o singular do plural em várias situações: le/les, parle/parlent, il/ils, elle/elles. Em muitos casos a dúvida se resolve com o tempo do verbo outras indicações nos elementos da frase, mas nem sempre isso acontece. Alguém conseguiu perceber as sutilezas dessas pronúncias?

January 19, 2019

translation from the portuguese:

"I find it difficult to distinguish the singular from the plural in various situations: le/les, parle/parlent, il/ils, elle/elles. In many cases the doubt is resolved with the time of the verb other indications in the elements of the sentence, but this does not always happen. Has anyone understood the subtleties of these pronunciations?"

Yes, they are indistinguishable by themselves. I depend on the rest of the sentence for clues.

Sim, são indistinguíveis por si só. Dependo do resto da frase para as pistas.


Try this listening exercise, scroll to the bottom of the page to the section titled: Listen to the following sentences and decide if they refer to Tex (singular) or Joe-Bob and Corey (plural). This is great listening practice.

January 19, 2019
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