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When will Hungarian be offered as part of Duolingo for schools?


This is more a question for the Duolingo team, but I thought I would post it under the educators forum because it is more related to Duolingo for schools.

Would it be at all possible to make Hungarian available for April/May of this year? It is currently not available on the list of courses for classrooms. I do know that the main reason may be because it is still in beta but I hope it can be available for educators.

January 18, 2019



I was able to create a classroom for "Hungarian from English"


Oh, I see what the issue is. I've been trying to change my classroom's language through the settings.

Thanks- I'm able to make one too now!


You should have been able to change your classroom's language through the settings. In the "classroom settings" section, you can just pull down the list and change the "Duolingo language course".


I never saw it there before, but I double checked now and it is there. Thank you.

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