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  5. "I am your grandfather."

"I am your grandfather."

Translation:मैं तुम्हारा नाना हूँ।

January 19, 2019



Luke, I am your grandf... Oh, wait, no...


Could we have used तेरा ? What's the difference? Thanks


तेरा is what you use when talking to very close friends only, otherwise it is quite disrespectful. तुम्हारा is for most other friends, colleagues, acquaintances, people you know. And आपका is the formal version, use this the first time you meet someone, if they are older than you, or in a position of respect like your boss or a religious figure.


धन्यवाद !


In this case we know the relationship better than many phrases on Duolingo, can't a grandfather say 'tera' to a grandchild?


He can if he wants to be rude.

While talking to grandchildren, tumhara or aapka either can be used. It's more of a personal preference for some I guess. My grandfather always refered to me as aapka but I've seen others using tumhara as well.


Actually yeahh... since it's the grandfather


नाना does not mark the respect form in ए when used at the first person ?


Right, we use the plural forms ending in ए to show respect to the grandfather, but he does not use it for himself.


I chose the sentence with दादा and it cane up as wrong


Likely you made some other minor mistake and it marked it as wrong. Otherwise, if your sentence exactly matches the correct answer except that नाना is replaced with दादा, report it.

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    How can I leran to type in Hindi? Please can someone share you ideas? Thank you


    Kutta kamina Hara aam jyada kya kar raha hai bhosdi wale

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