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[Bug] E-mails de notificações e notificações de conversas no site (Email and site notifications)

Bom dia,

Não consegui achar um tópico semelhante, então estou postando aqui. (Couldn't find a topic talking about the same problem, so I'm posting a new one. Sry if it is repeated)

Os e-mails que recebo das conversas que sigo (as de reportar problemas nas lições) e também as notificações de atualizações nessas conversas estão com problema. Quando clico para ir na conversa (seja no site ou no link do e-mail), a url aparece no browser mas a página não é carregada. Isso já está acontecendo há algum tempo (+- 2 semanas).

(From two weeks aprox, I have a bug in my notifications. When I click to go to the conversation (those in the lessons, where you discuss with another members and you follow the conversation by email and receive new notifications about it) the url appears but the page does not load. Doesn't matter if clicking in my email or in the site, the page simply does not load.)

I use Chrome v 34.0.1847.137 in my notebook (win 8) and desktop (mac os 10). Also I use the Android App.


May 18, 2014



Hi there! What's an example sentence discussion URL?



It happened just now. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3043599$from_email=comment&comment_id=3045980

I clicked in the button "view conversation" from my e-mail and just go an empty tab. Then I clicked over the name of the conversation at the email and it worked.

Strange thing is that the two urls are the same, but one loads and the other doesn't.

It's a little erract behavior, to tell you the truth. Sometimes just reloading works and others it doesn't work at all.

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