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NOTE: I already looked for it in the “How do I request a language?” post, and I didn’t see it. I also didn’t find a post requesting this language directly, so I made this post. And please don’t confuse Sundanese with two Ns with Sudanese with one N. Sudan is an African country while Sunda is an ethnic identity.

What is Sundanese?##

Sundanese is an Austronesian language spoken in Indonesia (mostly in West Java) in several provinces. It is similar to Malay (both Indonesian and Malay registers) and Javanese. Sundanese can be written in the Latin alphabet but it also has its own blocky, geometric script.

Image of Sundanese UDHR Article 1 from Omniglot

What does it sound like?

See this Wikitongue video.

How will this benifit people?

Having Sundanese on Duolingo (especially the widely spoken Priangan dialect) would enable people to experience a very elegant and historical culture. Over 40 million people speak the language. Some Sundanese people are recognized National Heros in Indonesia (including a women’s rights activist) and Sundanese traditions have a notable impact on Indonesian culture, politics and arts. Having Sundanese for English speakers would spread awareness for thier culture outside of Indonesia, and having Sundanese for Indonesian speakers will enable more people to learn thier friends’ or neighbors’ language as there is a large Sundanese diaspora in other parts of Indonesia.

What is the culture like?

Sundanese people are often described as fashionable, egalitarian and friendly. Sundanese people like spicy and non-sweet food and they have complex ritual traditions, and most of the people are Muslim. There are also Hindu influences in the culture from a Hindu-Buddhist occupation, including in the name “Sunda” (which comes from the Sanskrit words for “beautiful” or “purity” and from one of the names of Vishnu, a major Hindu deity). Sundanese food is one of the most popular kind of food in Indonesia and many Sundanese people enjoy careers in Indonesian entertainment due to thier beauty. (Many Sundanese have very fair skin, which many people in Indonesia find beautiful, and it contributes to thier fashionable reputation).

I hope you found this informative and useful!

January 19, 2019


Added to the GUIDE. And thanks for pointing out that it is SuNdanese, with two Ns. I would have botched that otherwise. What an interesting script!

January 19, 2019

YES! For Javanese people, Sundanese is interestingly too similar AND too different. And its script is fun to look at~

I really hope for a Sundanese course on Duolingo! If not for English speakers, then at least there should be one for Indonesian speakers so I can learn it by myself too.

January 19, 2019

I thought Sundanese was a typo, I thought you ment Sudanese! Despite all the reasons for a Sundanese course, I doubt the course will be coming soon, Duolingo have still got bigger spoken languages to add - although they did make a Navajo course recently, so anything could happen.

January 19, 2019

Also hope for Javanese to be added here on Duo.

January 22, 2019
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