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"Meu pai me recebeu com um sorriso."

Translation:My father received me with a smile.

April 6, 2013



i'm stubborn; always answer this wrong with "my father met me with a smile" which I think best captures the general meaning. in the US, we haven't "received" people since the early twentieth century; we do "greet" people with a bit of formality but if "receber" can be "greet," it can also be "met" in gringo vernacular.


Whate about "gave me a smile"?


"received me with something"...wow, I've never heard this phrase :O


What does this sentence mean?


A situtation: a son left home, then, after a long time he son comes back. The father receives him back with kida satisfaction. So, the son said: "Meu pai me recebeu com um sorriso". Got it?


My answer was accepted: "My dad greeted me with a smile". Is it really a good translation?


expanding on modern English usage as o_scott said above---If someones father received them with a smile, I would presume the son who left home and after a long time was "received with a smile" had had himself delivered in the mail---or possibly FedEx.


I have to admit that (PT) past tenses give me a hard time (and I am not already through with all past tense grammar skills!!!)

The hint for "recebeu" shows "received / has received / have received".

I know from the "verbs past skill" that I was able to often correctly write (translation) with EN "has / have xxxed ..." to mark the past tense.

With this sentence I tried the EN translation " My father has received me with a smile."
However, it was marked wrong!

I reported it today because I will not easily get back to that option a later time....even I am not an English native speaker.

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