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Is it possible to repeat lessons

I've only done two lessons, but I've done other languages before and feel I would benefit from repeating one of them that I made mistakes on. Is it possible to do this? I don't see a way.

April 8, 2012


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You should see "Refresh this skill" on the lessons you have completed.


look at the achievements for the section (on the right side). Each lesson you take gives you an achievement in that section. You should be able to retake the lesson by clicking over one of them.


I must be really dumb but I cannot figure out how to repeat the start lesson which is the only one I have done. I need to refresh it as it was all new and I was trying it out. I hover, I click I do all sorts of things and there is no option to recheck, repeat, refresh anywhere on my achievements ir anywhere else that looks like a possibility. Please help, I will give up entirely if I can't go over what I have previously learnt.


You can't repeat the intro lesson. But don't worry, you'll be able to move on to lesson one and it'll review all of the new things from the intro lesson. And remember, you can hover over words you don't know when you're answering questions, and it always gives you the correct translation.


Thankyou, I did start the next lesson which was teaching me words for woman, child etc but I found I couldn't concentrate on it because I wanted to refresh what I learnt the other day. I remember the things I learnt, I am just not sure of the Spanish words so I guess I will have to go to my alternate solution and use Google translate to refresh my memory first and then come back.


This thread is now 6 years old, I wonder if anything has changed? I too would like to repeat a lesson I first did a couple of years ago. I can’t see a way of doing it but am I missing something? I don’t even think generating a new account would help as I am not sure you can jump into the tree half way down (or is it up).


How does one repeat an earlier lesson in a set? When I tap a completed lesson the practice prompt only covers the last lesson in the set.

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