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"Da capitano ti senti più responsabile?"

Translation:As captain do you feel more responsible?

April 6, 2013



how many different uses are there for 'da'? although I got it right, I don't think I came across this one before ...


It helps me to dress sentences with some kind of context. Given that I knew most of the words, I imagined a conversation between friends taking place for this one. Peeking is always my next option when fatigue or haste lessen my imagination, though... Thanks for the link! :-)


In this case, "Da" is used as an apposition whose duty is to modify the subject "tu". I can explain like this only. Please wait for others'comment


Here "Da" means "In the role of".


I wrote 'As the captain' which was incorrect, but 'As captain' is correct? That doesn't seem right


That would be the difference between da and dal.


A question to ask the captain of the Costa Concordia....

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