"Dia makan saat kami pergi."

Translation:He eats when we leave.

January 19, 2019

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What is the difference between ketika and saat? Kan you use ketika too in this sentence?


I think ketika means 'when' while saat means 'moment', so this would translate as 'he eats the moment we go'. Roughly the same meaning, but ketika is a conjunction and saat is a noun. So you can say 'Saat ini' but not 'ketika ini' to mean 'this moment', 'this instant', 'now'. I think you could use ketika in this sentence as well. I wonder if there is also a difference of nuance like in English. 'He eats when we go' could mean he is going to it some time after we go - ten minutes later, right away, one hour later. 'He eats the moment we go' would mean he is impatiently waiting for us to go so he can eat, and as soon as we close the door he jumps to the table and starts eating. Maybe it's the same in Indonesian? Let's wait for more educated opinions :)


Pointing out that saat is a noun and ketika is not is very interesting and helpful. Thanks!


the Tense is present continuous..... "So He eats as we leave" sounds pretty good to me .....


I have the same question, and what about bila?


He eats while we go


I don't think that's correct. I think "saat" means "moment" so a literal translation would be "He eat at the moment we go"


HE EATS AS WE GO.....I believe this is also a good translation, Let us know if Incorrect ?


I thought he ate when we left? That was wrong


Is he or she cortect here


We didn't want to stay, the food was disgusting


why not ketika used in place of saat...can we use it also

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