The Hebrew-German-Dutch Squad !!!

For all you polyglots out there I have something you DO NOT want to miss. An all out brutal challenge to test our strength! For those of you who are here learning German, Dutch, Hebrew, (especially) I challenge you to join the Hebrew-German-Dutch squad!!! In the squad we shall all test each other in learning the language by playing games to see who's best, and compare each other's scores to see who's the overall MASTER of the language. Every month we will have ONE END-OF-TERM challenge to see who is the best for that month. Winner becomes king of the group for that month.

But no more talk, it's all action now! Join the squad if you're strong -- reject this group and its challenges if you are weak -- May the best polyglot come out victorious!!!

Questions, comments, concerns are to be posted in the comment section!

3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

Welcome newcomer. You know you don't have to be learning German Dutch or Hebrew to join the group. You can join right now if you like and have the privilege to become the first member!

3 weeks ago
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