Android update

I've tried searching as I thought I'd be able to find a thread about this. Today ( 19th Jan 2019) a friend's app updated in Duo. I looked to find info on this but can't find what I'm looking for.

What is this update? Is it the one people are saying the font goes smaller? Is the text in a different colour? Or on a different background (I've seen a post saying black on white better and I agree)? And are the icons bigger?

I have my android screen set already to larger font so I already have an issue with some sentences to translate as the sentence disappears as I'm writing the translation and I was trying to go word by word so didn't remember the sentence... this particularly happens at the top of the Romanian tree, but I've also had it in Welsh.

Is it better if I don't update?

Also on the setting I'm on I have never been able to see the leader board of the two language I've joined clubs for. I know someone in the same club as me, so she sends me a message when I'm top of the leader board. Would this change if I update? I presumed this was because of the large font I use as otherwise before the update all else was the same as my friends.

Anyone any wisdom about this please.

January 19, 2019


I believe the update is not the one where the font is smaller or anything like that, but the Leagues/Leaderboard update. I updated my Kindle Fire HD 8 (using Google Play) and that's the only difference.

January 19, 2019

Thanks. I've just tried to update as I could only access one circle in Welsh and no others. I didn't manage to update, but got the circles back (plus one above that opened the one I was doing at level 2, was already marked level 4???). The blue one was the highest I'd gone.

It hasn't updated though, and I still can't see leaderboards (just the title leaderboard).

Perhaps time for a new mobile phone?

January 21, 2019
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