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"Who is responsible for leaving the window open?"

Translation:¿Quién es responsable de dejar la ventana abierta?

April 6, 2013



¿Quién es responsable para dejar la ventana abierta? why is para incorrect here?


I would like to know as well.


I figured it out, it is just simply that "responsable de" is the spanish responsible for. It is the equivalent phrase for it, more or less.


Generally for means por o para, but it can be translated for other prepositions like hacia, aunque, a lo largo, or de. You could use "por" instead and it would be understood, but the natural preposition here is "de".

Ser resposable de (Be responsible for, in charge of, accountable for)


What is the difference between dejar and seguir?


"seguir" is more like "follow" or "continue"


"Dejar", in Spanish, can mean either "leave", "let", "lend" ..http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=dejar ,; "seguir" can mean "go on", "continue", "follow".. http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=seguir. It depends on the sentence.


Does Dejar mean "to leave/let? While De dejar mean to "leaving"? Am i correct?


the "de" comes from "responsable de", which means responsible for in english. In english you then just say responsible for leaving.


I propose another right translation, much more common among Spanish speakers "¿Quién es el responsabla de dejar la ventana abierta?, as you are looking for a singular person, we usually say "el responsable".


what is the difference between salir and dejar?


as a translation of "leave" in english, dejar is to leave a thing, while salir to leave a location (exit).


Would "Quien esta responsable por dejando abierta la ventana?" also have this meaning? It seems like this one would mean someone has the responsibility of making sure the window is left open, and duolingo's would mean that someone did leave the window open, and we want to know who did it.


Your sentence has many problems. "está responsable" is not used, and "por dejando" is a transliteration from English that doesn't work in Spanish.


Oops. I meant "es." Are you a native Spanish speaker? If so, from where?


Yes, I am a native Spanish speaker. I'm from Guatemala.


Why is it not está responsable?


I guess it would be because "responsable" falls into the category of a description as opposed to a changing quality. Like... the guilt of leaving open this window will never leave you all of your days... or something. Hopefully now it sticks :)


Could you put 'abierta' directly after 'Dejar'?


Yes, you could, say ¿Quien es responsable de dejar abierta la ventana? and it would mean the same


why not “quien es responsable por dejando abierta la ventana”? -marked incorrect


Because you need an infinitive. Spanish never uses gerunds after "de".


In the phone app, this question only shows 3 words to translate and as such is very confusing. It needs to be fixed so you can see the whole question. I tried zooming in and out... I also tried scrolling. It is not possible to view the entire question.

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