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My first conversation with a native Spanish speaker was, omg, too awkward.

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So today I went to this Latin American festival, while I was not much hopeful about meeting natives. It's quite unlikely to meet Latin Americans or Spanish people where I live. I was going because learning Spanish has made me so curious about Spanish and Latin American culture. Before starting my Spanish learning, Peru or Chile were just some random countries out there in the world. But now only hearing someone ordering taco or listening to tango music is enough to make me feel cheerful and full of joy. So I was going for the sake of cultural aspect honestly -food, dance, maps, costumes, and colors for sure.

I'm not gonna make it a comprehensive boring "report" of the festival. There we happened to meet an Argentinian guy. Before I get to pull myself together to start a conversation with a REAL native (because omg he was a real native!), my dad told him I spoke little Spanish (hey, I could say it myself -in Spanish). The whole thing ended up like he telling me mucho gusto and I smiling awkwardly. Ok, it wasn't even a conversation. Afterwards I couldn't stop thinking how fun and cool is that I actually heard someone telling me ┬┐Como se /SHama/? with Argentinian accent.

I know I should actually be out there speaking with people in order to really learn Spanish. I know I should overcome my shyness. But it's much harder in practice. Funny I can recall going through the exactly same stages in the process of learning English. Now it's just natural and smooth to use it -although still full of mistakes.

Anyway, I feel so stupid, embarrassed, but kinda well-at-least-I-did-it.

Thank you for taking the time to read it. I needed to share it with someone.

4 years ago