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  5. "I saw you, Torg."

"I saw you, Torg."

Translation:qalegh, torgh.

January 20, 2019



How do I say, "I see them," and, "I see him/her/it?" I didn't see those in the Tips & Notes.


Those are both vIlegh -- the prefix vI- was introduced in the Tips and Notes to the very first unit ("Phrases") and so wasn't repeated here.

To distinguish between "them", "him/her", and "it", you can use a pronoun if you wish: chaH vIlegh, bIH vIlegh, ghaH vIlegh, 'oH vIlegh.


Okay. Every time I have a question I try to look in the all the Tips & Notes available to me first ... but apparently I keep missing things. qatlho'!

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