"I do not like the city in which he lives."

Translation:Non mi piace la città in cui vive.

April 6, 2013



why is "...in quale vive" wrong and "...in cui vive" correct? is there a rule when i have to take "cui" and when "quale"? as far a s i know both mean "which".

February 2, 2014

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Quale is which as an interrogative pronoun, but to make it into a relative pronoun you need the definite article: "Non mi piace la città nella quale vive".

February 2, 2014


thanks for your information ! i didn´t know that there must be a different translation of "which" whether it´s a interrogative or a relative pronoun (where i have to add the definite article). so, as far as i understand, there are two correct translations possible: "...in cui vive" or "...nella quale vive". i´ve learned a lot!

February 2, 2014


Non mi piace la città in cui abita is wrong. Why is this?

April 6, 2013

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It shouldn't be, it's fine as well.

April 6, 2013


What did you do to get a different font and yellow background on that sentence? :-)

November 21, 2015


Why cui and not ciò?

June 24, 2018


I put "non mi piace," and Duo said it's "A me non piace." Why is that?

July 12, 2014


Why " Non mi piace la citta DOVE abita" is wrong?

March 9, 2015


"Dove" would translate to 'where' - the exercise purposely intends for us to translate 'in which', which requires us to us 'in cui'

January 20, 2016


Can someone please explain when to use "a me non piace" or "a mi non piace"? Because it's driving me crazy... duo keeps telling me the other one different from the one I put!

July 13, 2018


I don't think Duo is being fair. In the hints, "in which" was shown as "in quale/qual/quali" - no suggestion that "cui" should be used. The information given by respondents is helpful, but indicates that "in quale" is wrong. Why, then, is it is the hints?

February 11, 2019


The hints are dirty lies sometimes. That's just how Duolingo is.

March 12, 2019
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