"The men hear a knight."

Translation:Vali azanti rȳbis.

January 20, 2019

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Why not "rybisi" ? We would say "Vali azanti urnesi" right ? What is the infinitive of the verb ?


It's rȳbagon, so the -bagon ending makes the third person plural rȳbis or rȳbzi


Help me understand the difference between azantys and azanti. I thought azanti was plural and meant the knights. Yet azantyssy means knights too. Is azanti singular or plural? How do I know when to use azanti and when to use azantys or azantyssy? Help!


Azantys and azanti are both singular. Azantyssy and azantii are both plural. The difference between azantys and azanti is case. If you've never learned about grammatical cases, I suggest looking them up on Wikipedia. But basically, it depends on which role the noun has. Azantys/Azantyssy is the nominative case, which means it's used for the subject of a sentence. Azanti/azantii are the accusative forms, which means the word is the direct object of a verb. It's comparable to the English I/me and we/us distinction, which is a remnant from a time when English too had cases.


Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

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