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"Wajahnya cantik, seperti ibunya."

Translation:Her face is beautiful, like her mother.

January 20, 2019



I don't know about the Indonesian sentence but in English a face can not be beautiful like a mother. I think it is meant to say: her face is beautiful like her mother's (face), but those anwers are counted as not correct.


I think the Indonesian meaning is closer to "Her face is beautiful like her mother's (beauty)" (which is not good English). If you just write "Her face is beautiful like her mother's", every normal English speaker would finish the sentence in his head like Klokwerk with "(face)" and thus it's missleading....

"Her face has the same beauty as her mother"?


Cringe... I think HonnaG12 is probably closest to the original Indonesian meaning, but it's really hard to translate into propper English... you can't compare the beauty of one woman's face to the beauty of another entire woman.


I think 'mother' should be 'mother's'. However this may be quibbling as the meaning is very clear in Behasa.

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