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  5. "The mango is a fruit."

"The mango is a fruit."

Translation:आम एक फल है।

January 20, 2019



Is there a reason होता is not used in this statement? Would "आम एक फल होता है।" be incorrect?


The sentence is grammatically correct but I would not use the definite article 'the' while translating 'आम एक फल होता है।' into English because 'होता है' implies that the sentence is a generalization.


In English 'the' is definitely (excuse the pun!) used in general statements. Especially when talking about characteristics or properties of a thing, it's pretty frequently used, not really any difference in meaning between 'the is' and ' are'.

If I were talking about a specific mango I can't think of an example where it would be anything other than this/that mango or 'it'.

A famous example that comes to mind is from Kipling's poem The female of the species (one example in the title), and most stanzas end with two examples: 'For the female of the species is more deadly than the male'!


This is exactly what I was thinking. "The mango is a fruit" most often has the meaning "the [species known as] mango is a fruit", not "this particular mango is a fruit." At least in the English where I'm from. Maybe we're weird.


So would आम फल होता है be more correct?


Both आम एक फल होता है। and आम फल होता है। mean the same thing. They are general statements that say that mangoes, as a species, are a type of fruit.

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