"Big dog, big cat. Big mice, big cows."

Translation:बड़ा कुत्ता, बड़ी बिल्ली। बड़े चूहे, बड़ी गायें।

January 20, 2019

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Why big cows is बड़ी not बड़े?


गाय is a feminine noun. You use बड़ी for both singular and plural feminine nouns. बड़ा is used for singular masculine nouns and बड़े for plural masculine nouns.


is 'bhilli' a feminine noun??


Yes. Also, it's 'billi' (no 'h' sound needed).


If the Hindi word for rat and mouse is the same word, how is one to differentiate between big mice and small rats?


You don't. In Hindi, both rats and mice (or rather, the many species of rodents that are called mice in English and the species that are called rats) are all considered varieties of the same animal that's called a चूहा.

However, in modern technical Hindi and especially when translating from English, a Sanskrit-borrowed word मूषक (which has the same root as the English 'mouse' going back to Proto Indo-European) is used for 'mouse' and चूहा for 'rat'. Still, to a layperson, मूषक and चूहा are synonyms, with मूषक being the more 'formal' word.


Thanks, that's a proper, very informative reply.


It takes a zoologist!


i really wish they would organise the possible answers in some kind of order! like put burra / burri / burre together so you're not searching so hard to find them


I didn't understood

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