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why i like duolingo

I am entering a french school next year, and duolingo is helping me learn french

April 6, 2013



Awesome! Love to hear that.


Wow that is very cool. I'm being forced to take Spanish at my school for my foreign language credits (spanish is the only language option) and so far it hasn't been a fun experience for either me or my gpa. But now that my sister showed me duolingo I am doing much better in my Spanish class. Before duolingo I had thought that I just couldn't learn any new languages but now I know it was just the way I was trying to learn. I'm excited to take Italian on duolingo this summer so I can talk to my sister in another language beside English. Thank you Duolingo!


In my french class, i always get unexpected tests, and i forget to practice, but with duolingo's help, i don't need to practice

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