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"No, we are not waiting for that."

Translation:Nein, darauf warten wir nicht.

April 6, 2013



why is "nein, wir warten nicht dafür" wrong? tnks


As far as I can tell, in German you don't wait FOR something but wait ON it.

i.e. "Ich warte auf dich" = I am waiting for (on) you

Can any native speakers back that up?


Then darauf ist a possibility here, isn't?


I think "Nein, wir warten dafür nicht" would be correct.


oh , ok! thank you!


I have subsequently learned that if you have an element separated off by a coma, then the word order resets.


The comma trick is good, I'll start using that to remind myself to reset. Comma/reset in this case is required because opening with "nein" is an interjection.


Is "Nein warten wir nicht darauf " correct?


why is 'nein, warten wir darauf nicht' wrong ?


It would have to be "nein, wir warten darauf nicht".


Somehow this keeps tripping me up. To help clarify, some introductory words/phrases (e.g., interjections, exclamations, names) don't count against the verb being in second position -- "nein" is one of them. Sentence structure after the introductory "nein" needs to carry on like it wasn't there.


How do you know which words don't count? Does the comma trick mentioned above work? And if so, how do I know when the to use the comma, because it's not the same as in English.


I know DL earlier in this lesson said that the adverb must be either in the third or last position. This sentence goes against everything that DL has taught thus far. In this example, the adverb is in the second position and the verb (which should be second) is actually third. "Nein, warten wir nicht dafur" seems to make much more sense. Everytime I think that the light is coming on, DL tosses out something totally random that serves little value when attempting to learn a language. This whole adverb lesson does little to teach me about adverbs, instead it is attempting to teach idioms and phrases, which is something that should be reserved for advanced speakers.


but i seem to have seen drauf used in places where it should have been - i thought - darauf, and so i thought the former a common abbreviation of the latter... could someone clear this up for me? VD (not that other VD..)


It's a common abbreviation, yes.


And yet "drauf" is marked wrong. Garbage marking by DL as usual.


Hi! Why is "Nein, wir warten auf dem nicht." wrong? Many thanks!


Why can you put the verb in third spot?


What happened with the verb always in the second place


I was wondering about that, too!


Could "erwarten" be used here? For example: "Nein, das erwarten wir nicht."

Or would that only work if the original sentence was "we are not expecting that"?


I think dafür > for it, and darauf > for that.


This is what I'm seeing on duolingo so far.


Dafür is for that "ich habe keine Zeit dafür" i dont have time for that. And darauf is on that "wir warten darauf" we are waiting on (for) that. In German you say waiting on, not waiting for.

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