"Streak Freeze" disappearing

I achieve the goal every day, but it's the second time in last month that my Streak Freeze is somehow spent or disappeared. What's happening?

January 20, 2019


Your daily goal is set to 50 XP.

Please, have a look at your "Daily Goal" graph on

General tips

Unfortunately, Duolingo's servers are very slow in synchronizing the data on your device and the databases on their servers.


1) Never log out Duolingo or your device before you have forced the synchronisation:

  • App:
    Select another course in the App
    Tap the flame icon to check if it still shows "You've met your daily goal"

    Refresh your browser.

2) Check the synchronisation in your unofficial but very useful progress page

3) More tips in
"Checked on your Streak freeze today?"

January 20, 2019

Yes! I have had a similar issue. Recently I completed my lesson later in the day....mid afternoon rather than my typical early morning. It ate my streak freeze. How can I need a freeze when the day isn't even over? I am keeping one on hand at all times even though I shouldn't have to. I am sorry you are experiencing this but thankful that you spoke up. Now I know I am not crazy. There is a glitch in the program obviously.

January 21, 2019
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