Hi there Finnish people. Could you be contributors and teach us some Finnish. It would be great.

May 18, 2014


Thanks so much to all of you guys voicing out our cry for Finnish on Duolingo! Hopefully Hungarian and Turkish will pave the way for Finnish. Such a fascinating language deserves to be more accessible to the whole world!

I'm also learning Finnish, as I just moved to Helsinki to join my girlfriend. It would be so great to have it on Duolingo! Currently I use Memrise for vocabulary, but that will only get me so far.

Hi sedubois. Thanks for the post. I think Finnish is good to learn on duolingo- in sentences- you can understand more of the grammar and notice some regularities. I didn't know Memrise, and I will try it.

I am involved in some small groups for Finnish learners in Skype (we use mostly only the text chat) Anybody interested?

Pertenezco en grupos pequeños para estudiantes de finés en Skype (usamos en su mayoría sólo el chat de texto) Estáis interesado?

meee!!! please!!

I too would like to add my voice to the chorus for "Finnish please!" :d. I am taking the casually immersive route of learning by translating song lyrics as best I can by such bands as Indica or Haloo Helsinki :). A facility of more formalised tutelage via Duolingo would be wonderful.

Are there any really simple songs - I am beginner in Finnish. Any good songs you really like. It would be nice to hear and translate- I like it too.

All children song are pretty simple. You can also use the word "selkosuomi" when you search. It means simple Finnish or beginners Finnish.

Please add Finnish to Duolingo! Personally I think that it's the most beautiful language in the world. It would mean the world to me!

I'd love to learn Finnish. It's different but not hard at all if you have a spirit to learn it.

YES PLEASE! Finnish is the language I need the most, as I am going to go abroad there in a year or two.

I would really like to learn finnish please introduce a course

I would definitely start the Finnish course if it was available on Duo! I started teaching myself Finnish a couple of years ago.

Can you teach me something!! I want to live there one day!

Send me message and let's see can I help you :) instagram: suomi_finnish

I have also signed up as a volunteer to contribute to a Finnish course (as well as English for Finnish speakers, which I could use with my students), but I have not been contacted by Duolingo after the initial "Thanks for applying..."-e-mail.

That's a pity! I would dearly love a Finnish course on Duolingo. But they are probably swamped right now. In the future, Estonian would be great as well.
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Tein samaa noin 5-6 kuukautta sitten, ei tullut mitään... Harmi... Mutta odotan vielä. Käytän sitä kieltä joka päivä ja haluaisin auttaa jotekin muillekin.

I find it so disappointing they have Swedish, Norwegian and Danish but no Finnish. I mean, Norwegian and Danish are almost the same thing........
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I agree with the missing of Finnish. But the DK and NO... Nope, they are almost the same only in writing... :)

Well, I've studied Swedish for eight years in school and now I picked it back up in Duolingo, and we had quite a few Norwegian and Danish visitors in our Swedish classes. I could understand them just fine despite only knowing Swedish and I hear Norwegian and Danish are even closer than Swedish and either of them so that's why I thought about it lol :D In general all the Nordic languages (including Icelandic) are relatively closely related. And then there's poor Finnish no one understands :D
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I have only problem with the Danish pronunciation :) I work with Scaninavians, the Danes sit next to me... For me a Dane sounds like a really drunk Swede...

Hahaha they say that Danish is what it would sound like if a drunk Swede was speaking with a potato in their mouth.. :)

During one of my Internships (in Germany) I had a Danish external co-worker. He told me, when he visits his relatives in Denmark, it's giving him shivers, hearing conversations in Danish. "Every time when I hear people speak in Danish I could puke!", he said. So, he is a Dane who doesn't like the sound of his own language?! - Well, things like this do exist. I often think that German sounds rather "dry", compared to Norwegian for example: German language = dry piece of bread Norwegian language = warm bun with butter But I guess, since he is living here in Germany, he is used to "clearer"(?!!) sounds...

I noticed during applications for Internships - companies often have a list of language skills - they have listed Swedish, but like never Norwegian. I was wondering why?

I would love to learn Finnish! Hope to see a Duolingo course in it soon!! :)

Please Please Please Add Finnish I need to learn the language of my homeland

Oooh I want Finnish! I've lived in Finland half of my life, but on Åland Islands, which is an entirely Swedish-speaking region. My parents speak Finnish with each other and I can understand a lot of the language but I think having it on Duolingo would give my skills such a boost!

I know that feel, my mom is a swedish speaking finn because my grandma (she spoke finnish) but never taught her :(

It would be really amazing if we could have a Finnish course here too! :)

I always wanted learn Finnish

I study all about Finland

I and couple of my friends are really interested in to make some Finnish lessons here. I glad to hear that there are many who would like to learn Finnish.

Meidän kielemme onkin erittäin haastavaa, Our language is very difficult.

Also I don't think Finnish is so difficult, it is very systematic, has a small vocabulary base, is easy to pronounce. It does require practice and patience.

I would love that, Duolingo would be great to learn Finnish everywhere on the go. Currently for that I use Memrise, but that only helps for vocabulary. Bliubliu is great for reading, but they don't have a mobile app. Duolingo's gamification and voice recognition are also neat. If you start creating a Finnish course, keep us posted!

It would be really great :)

Now I would like to learn Fininsh

I just found out about Duolingo and I'm finding it very helpful as I have started to learn French. My whole family is Finnish and I've been trying to learn the language so it would be great if a Finnish course was created.

Hi Maija, it's great to hear from you. I also think duolingo is great. Maybe some Finnish person would offer to work for Finnish duolingo. It would be great. Pass the duo to Finns - if they like it, maybe they will help

Tässäpä muutamia jo tuttuja suomen sanoja sinulle... Aquí hay algunas palabras finlandesas para te - Creo que ya sabes su significado...

metro numero (u!!!) lista sauna anemia aortta (tt!!!) aromi (i!!!) draama (aa!!) nostalgia panoraama (aa!!) alias diabetes symboli (i!!) pistooli (oo!! + i!!) biologi balladi ameba/ameeba synagoga/synagooga akasia/akaasia Aasia (no 'asia': asia=cosa) televisio traditio mutaatio (aa!!) koheesio (ee!!) alkali (i!!) kaneli (i!!) idea pasta moraali (aa!! +i!!) moottori (oo!! +tt!! +i!!) materiaali (aa!! +i!!) desimaali (s!! + aa!! +i!!) metalli (ll!! +i!!) rituaali (aa!! +i!!) universaali (aa!! + i!!) alttari (tt!! +i!!) folio tornado video banaani (aa!! +i!!) karaoke baletti (tt!! + i!!) kimono kiwi mafia mango pizza/pitsa safari sushi vodka karamelli (k!! +ll!! + i!!) paraati (aa!! +t!! +i!!) platina (a!!) vanilja (lj!!) juntta (tt!!) maskara (k!!) marihuana (h!!) patio (puede significar una terraza o zona en frente de un restaurante) tequila. alkoholi (k!! + i!!) monitori (i!!) pastori (i!!) robotti (tt!! +i!!) radio judo

sisu (intraducible: ~perseverancia)

Puedes tratar esto:

yes, Finnish is a language that I want to learn

I really hope that this course eventually happens. Aside from Teach Yourself, Colloquial, and Hippocrene, there aren't that many decent Finnish resources in English.

This request has been going on for years now. We have Klingon available but not Finnish? Not even an attempt to actually get it started? What are they waiting for? Seriously. I have a significant Finnish background in my family but no contact with any living relatives. I would at least like to learn the language of my forebears. Please get the lead on Duolingo. There are plenty of people willing to offer their time and talent for this. There seems to be no discernible reason why you aren’t pursuing it despite the ongoing request from many users. Not even an acknowledgement that you don’t want to do it. Just give us something.

We're still waiting.

Yeah, at least basic Finnish would be great. I guess we'll have to keep waiting.

No progress I see? Well, sign me up as one more person who'd love to learn Finnish were Duolingo willing to allow its creation

English / Englanti:


Do you want learn Finnish? Have you ever wanted to study Finnish language? Do you want to now something about Finland, Finnish, or Finnish culture etc.? This is the opportunity to you!

I’m Finnish student, I’m going to be a Finnish teacher to English speakers. I have studied English for over ten years. My native language is Finnish. My English isn’t always the best, but anyway it isn’t the main thing. I have already teached Finnish to some students. Today two of my students speaks Finnish almost fluently and many other can handle at least the basics.

So, how I teach? I teach always exactly that, what my student wants. I teach language, but also Finnish culture etc. My teaching is totally free!

If you are interested, contact me on instagram: suomi_finnish

Real/Written Finnish (“the official language”) / Kirjakieli:


Haluatko sinä opiskella suomea? Oletko sinä joskus halunnut oppia suomen kieltä? Haluatko sinä tietää jotain Suomesta, suomen kielestä tai suomalaisesta kulttuurista yms.? Tämä on mahdollisuus sinulle!

Olen suomalainen opiskelija, minä tulen olemaan suomen kielen opettaja englantia puhuville. Minä olen opiskellut englantia yli kymmenen vuotta. Minun äidinkieleni on suomi. Minun englannin kieleni ei ole paras, mutta se ei ole pääasia. Minä olen jo opettanut joitakin oppilaita. Nykyään kaksi minun oppilaistani puhuu melkein sujuvaa suomea, ja moni muu osaa perusteet.

Joten, miten minä opetan? Minä opetan aina sitä, mitä minun oppilaani haluavat. Minä opetan kieltä, mutta myös suomalaista kulttuuria yms. Minun opetukseni on täysin ilmaista!

Jos sinä olet kiinnostunut, ota yhteyttä instagramissa: suomi_finnish

Spoken Finnish ("the vernacular language") / Puhekieli:


Haluutko opiskella suomea? Ootsä joskus haluunnu oppii suomea? Haluutsä tietää jotain Suomesta, suomen kielestä tai suomalaisesta kulttuurista yms.? Tää on mahollisuus sulle!
Oon suomalainen opiskelija, tuun oleemaan suomen kielen opettaja engalantia puhuville. Oon opiskellu englantia kymmenen vuotta. Mun äidinkieli on suomi. Mun englanti ei oo paras, mut se ei oo pääasia. Mä oon opettanu jo joitain oppilaita. Nykyään kaks mun oppilaista puhuu melkee sujuvaa suomea, ja moni muu osaa perusteet.
Joten, miten opetan? Mä opetan sitä, mitä mun oppilaat haluaa. Opetan kieltä, mut kans kultturia yms. Mun opetus on kokonaan ilmasta!
Jos sä oot kiinnostunu, ota yhteyttä instassa: suomi_finnish

What languages do you speak fluently and what are you learning on Duolingo? Finnish is quite a hard language

Hi Kgm7- I'm a native Polish, but I speak some Russian, German and now I try to learn some Spanish. Oh, and I speak English of course. I have been to Finland and I love the country and the people are so helpful there. And what about you? What are your languages?

Regardless of difficulty level, the main problem I am haveing with Finnish is the lack of material online. I live in Brazil, and in all of Latin America there is only one (as far as I'm concerned) language school that offers a Finnish course, and it's in São Paulo. Until I have money and time to travel to Finnland to take a language course, I rely on the internet.

I would also love to be able to learn Finnish through Duolingo!! Really hope this pans out in the near-ish future.

I'd love Finnish, too. I already picked it up once and it is actually not as hard as it is often depicted, just very different from English and German in structure.

I would love to see this. Most places I've tried haven't done an amazing job with me. Please Finns. Get on this.
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I applied for helping the Finnish project 4 months ago, I did not get any reply from the Duolingo team, as I see, it's not se easy to start a new language here :(

Oh, we're on it. I applied over a year ago, and I know there were applications already when the Incubator was launched back in October 2013.

It is all a question of Duolingo's priorities. We must have patience, there are so many languages people want and they can't build all the courses at once.

My patience runs short when I see precious resources thrown on Klingon!!!

Well, Norwegian is in the incubator and it has even less speakers than Finnish (I think that's a bit unfair). The only explanation I would see for Finnish not being there yet is that there are less people voicing their wish for this course and/or less people applied to the incubator for this language.

I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that the Norwegian tree is being based on the Swedish tree, as the languages are very similar, whereas Finnish is an agglutinative language, which Duolingo has famously had a lot of problems adapting to (for the Turkish and Hungarian courses). So a Finnish course would require an incredible amount of remodeling of the tree (like the Hungarian team is currently doing), whereas the Norwegian team can just tweak the Swedish one.

There are many aspects affecting Duolingo's choices of which language to start next, hence we have courses in Irish and Ukranian (soon) but not, for example, Mandarin and Arabic, although the latter have been very much sought after.

I think we can be reasonably hopeful that Finnish will turn up at some point. It is regularly among the 5--10 most requested languages in polls, and a fair amount of people have volunteered to build the course.

Yes, Annika is right! I think they will see how Turkish turns out before trying Finnish, maybe even finish Hungarian first. Agglutinative languages are very different from English.

OK thanks for the explanation which makes sense. But like you said, Turkish was hard to build but they still managed to do it. I guess if Hungarian manages to go to beta stage, there's no reason why Finnish couldn't be next.

yes, I want Finnish too!

Hoping it works out. I've been keeping an eye out for Finnish for some time now.

I see what you mean. Hopefully now that the Turkish course is out it could potentially bring those courses into reality.

I also want to see Finnish on Duolingo. I don't seem to retain what I learn form other sources.

I am really enjoying the Duolingo Swedish course and finding that I'm able to brush up the language very quickly. BUT - I too would love a Duolingo Finnish course. I've been trying to learn Finnish, in dribs and drabs, for over 50 years and, despite visiting Finland every year, my progress is painfully slow. I'm sure that a Duolingo course would help a great deal. After that? What about Estonian?


I've been trying to learn Finnish, in dribs and drabs, for over 50 years

Wow, that must be a record on here! As I've probably written elsewhere in this thread, there are plenty of Finnish speakers on here who can try to help you if you have any particular queries. But I agree that, for many of us, a Duolingo course is the tool for learning.

I'm also hoping for an Estonian course, but since it carries all the same technical challenges as Finnish but has much fewer native speakers, I'm not holding my breath over this one. (I'm already a bit purple because of Finnish...)

I would love to learn Finnish!!!! :D

They have Klingon yet not Finnish, Duolingo ought to learn priorities! Hoping some Finnish program is put into the works soon

Right? Don't get me wrong; I want to learn Klingon. But seriously, there's only like one guy working on it. I know that there is more than one person who would be working on Finnish. I think it's more important to focus on languages that spoken by more than just a handful of people.

Quick question, I have been reading the below comments on the progress of starting a new branch in duolingo, regarding Finnish. Is there any progress or even any people who have received acceptance from the developers of Duolingo? Sorry, if this question may seem a repeat from earlier ones.

I would love to learn Finnish, so i'm with you Gabi. I am english and speak spanish reasonably well, so would gladly help with either language in return. Please Duolingo, would you at least consider it.

Please Duolingo, give us Finnish! I grew up speaking Finnish when I was young, but I've forgotten so much. It's a beautiful, musical, calming language -- it definitely deserved a place on Duolingo.

Well, now. While there ain't gonna be a Finnish course any time soon. There is a site with phrases and a decent amount of grammar rules. And I am not advertising, it's a free site.


Hope this helps :)

Finnish <3 please !

I would absolutely LOVE a finnish thing on here as i am going to go on a student exchange to Finland in the next few years and want to learn some of the language before i leave

Yesssss!! I want to learn Finnish too! <3

I would love to learn Finnish, I hope this will eventually happen...

I would like to learn Finnish too! :)

I still look every couple of month if Duolingo added Finnish ... Duolingo is the first language-course which works for me. I have a Finnish-app and an audio-CD, but I just can't get word-lists into my brain... Are there any apps with sound, where you can learn with sentences and get the rhythm of the language?

p.s. Does anyone know what the origin of "moi" is... ah never mind - thanks google-tranlate ;) . Moi was the only word in Finnish I recognized ... the French again ;P

Have you tried Memrise? There are sentence-based courses there too. "Slow Finnish" (based on lessons here in Duolingo's discussions) has a mix of words and sentences and it has audio. "Suomi Monostyle" is fully sentence-based, but it doesn't have audio.

I've tried Memrise ... but still have difficulties learning from word lists (tried "Beginner's Finnish"). So thanks for sharing the link! I think I will try "Slow Finnish" - Is it created from native speakers?

p.s. Congratulation/ Glückwünsche for you Level 20 in German! I just had to think about, how many more points I need to get to the next level ;) . I just started with Finnish and I can see that the grammar is much more "annoying" than in Norwegian. It let me to think about how much more annoying the grammar of my native German must be ;) .

I think I stop for today in languages ... just forgot the grammar in English ;P ...

Terve! I am the creator of Slow Finnish and, as widle says, I am indeed Finnish. I am also working on a Slow Finnish website, which has unfortunately been delayed due to some developments in my personal life. The website will also have essays on Finnish culture. If there is something you would like to read about, let me know. :)

Thank you! When Duolingo finally has a Finnish module I'll give it a try to learn a little, and will then be using your Slow Finnish. I'd love to read about the Finnish attitude to nature, and about the North Karelia Project against heart disease, and about the Finnish culture of walking, especially for the old.

And about the Finnish school system - student-led with no tests or homework but the best in the world, and hiring the top 10% of graduates. And about babyhood in Finland! And about Finland and Russia and the relationship between the two countries, and Finland and Sweden.

Thank you for the suggestions! I had not even thought about the North Karelia Project. I have to disappoint you but we have tests and homework at school. :)

Damn! Bang goes my plan to move to Finland ;)

Great- Thank you! Can you give me a link to the Slow Finnish Website? I know practically nothing about the Finnish culture. I would like to know more about the Sami culture. And maybe culture in general ... Do you have some finnish authors you could recommend ? I don't even know the "known clichés" about Finnland. I can probably easily find out more about the nature and history ... but me personally would interest your experiences and opinions as a native. How different is the capital to the rest of the country? Is it like with Berlin and London?

Well one step at a time ... I'm just starting ;) ....

Terve! I have not published the website yet, so I cannot give you a link. I will try to finish it before July. I will post about it in Discussion when it is ready.

I recommend The Year of Hare by Arto Paasilinna. A great novel. It has been translated into many languages. The Kalevala is THE Finnish thing to read. It is our national epic. It starts with the creation of the world and ends with the arrival of Christianity. It is a bit difficult to read but the newer translations are usually more approachable.

Finland is not as Helsinki centered as Britain is London centered. Helsinki is filled with Jugend architecture in lovely pastels. If you have more questions, write on my wall. :)

Yes, Slow Finnish is made by a Finn. It's good. I recommend you read each lesson first (the grammar is explained there) and then practise on Memrise.

And thanks. :) I started reviewing/improving my German here at about the same time I started learning Finnish and it's been quite a while. :)

argh grammar +_+ .... I will - thanks ;) ! Just started "2 / 5033 words learned" ... a long way to go ;)

by the way, if you have any questions about Germany, let me know ;) !

Moi comes from the Swedish 'morgan' or the German 'morgens'. In other words, from 'good morning'. Another version of 'moi' in Finnish is in fact 'morjens'.

Maidin in Irish (pronounced modjen)

That makes sense ... ;) The Finnish version "morjens" sounds even more like what I would say in German "Morgen - Morschan/Morjen" or in Köln "Moin Moin".

I really want to learn Finnish PLEASE DUOLINGO MAKE IT HAPPEN!! <3

Finnish would be a great language to learn! After all, if Duolingo can teach High Valyrian, they could certainly teach Finnish!

I would love to have Finnish as an option here! I've been gone for a while and I'm surprised it hasn't been added since I've been gone.

Actually Finnish was already in the incubator. Go to There are no contrubutors though (I am gonna apply it first).

I'd love to see Finnish too. But I understand it is very very different and quite difficult. It has no connection with either the Romance languages or Germanic.

I had a discussion with EeroK about the difficulty (or non-difficulty) of Finnish the other day: it's here if you're interested.

As regards connections with other languages: it's true that Finnish (like Hungarian and Estonian) is a Uralic rather than Indo-European language. However, over the centuries it has absorbed huge amounts of vocabulary from its neighbours. By some estimates only a few hundred of the original Uralic words remain. So you can spot a surprising number of cognates, especially with Germanic words:

music : musiikki
church : kirkko
salt : suola
coffee : kahvi
mat : matto

Finnish words also tend to be built up quite logically, so clusters of related words can be quite easy to learn:

letter : kirje
book : kirja
dictionary : sanakirja ["word-book"]
library : kirjasto
author : kirjailija
to write : kirjoittaa

(In contrast, learning one of these words in English doesn't give you any clues to the others!)

I wouldn't say it's as easy for an English-speaker as, say, Italian. But as I point out in the other thread, the FSI puts it in the same difficulty class as Czech, Greek, Icelandic, Irish and Polish, none of which share the fearsome reputation which Finnish seems to have acquired.


Very good post!

Also, Finnish is quite a regular language, so once you get over the initial hurdles, it becomes quite easy. Compared to, say, Spanish, where it is easy to pick up the beginnings, but which has very complicated time forms waiting for you later (or so I hear).

Hi annika_a are you Finnish?

I'd say the problem with Finnish learning is that you have to start with a lot of grammar immediately, as even basic simple sentences have lots of grammar. With most indoeuropean languages the basic grammar is easy, so it's easy to learn some basic level of tourist language. And those rules seem arbitrary. I've never met a Finn who could explain those. We just know how to use them through experience.

Like with almost any word in Finnish, learning a word in basic form won't be correct when you create any sentence.

Example At Basic1-level everybody seems to love eating bread and drinking water no matter where they come from. Leipä = bread Vesi = water Syöminen = eating juominen=drinking Anna syö leipää(not leipä) = Anna eats bread. Anna syö leivän(not leipä) = Anna eats a bread Anna juo vettä(not vesi) = Anna drinks water syön leipää /syön leivät /juon vettä /juon veden etc.

Already at the Basic1 lesson we should teach partitives, consonant gradation and how to conjugate to personal pronouns

I don't think Finnish has more grammar in the beginning than other languages. For example Slavic languages have cases, too. Not that many, but with additional complexity due to genders and the endings are not unified as they are in Finnish. And you need them in the beginning too. And I remember when I started learning French, there were loads of grammar too. (All forgotten by now, I never got very far.)

And the natives not being able to explain grammar is quite normal. ;)

I've been learning Finnish for two years and I don't think is more difficult than other languages. Different, yes. That's fine.

I slight correction to your wordlist: salt is suola, not suoli. Suoli means a bowel ;)

But otherwise I agree, there is a lot of influence from Swedish and German, so the vocabulary isn't as difficult as some make it out to be. The grammar, on the other hand... ;)

I slight correction to your wordlist: salt is suola, not suoli. Suoli means a bowel ;)

Oops! Many thanks; I've corrected it now. (And as a bonus I've learned a new Finnish word.)

Hi Mirsilla, are you Finnish?

What a wonderful, informative post. I'll send you a Lingot. But it's interesting to see 'Kirkko' - Church, My family in the very north of Scotland (but I think it's fairly common through all Scotland) would always refer to the word Kirk. Now my Family are from Caithness and Orkney, which have strong Nordic ties (as reflected in their placenames - which sound very un-British) so perhaps 'Kirk' shouldn't be that much of a surprise. :)

Yes, Finnish has a whole lot of borrowed words and other influence from Swedish.:) This is related to our close history. Since the 12th century, untill early 19th century, Finland was a part of Sweden.

In Dutch its also kerk. Old loan word. There are actually a lot of these old Germanic loans in Finnish

Yep, the only thing its related to is Estonian, which isn't related to anything but Finnish either.

As Uralic languages Finnish and Estonian both are related to a number of small languages + Hungarian.:)

I am finding Finnish slower to learn than Italian, but so far everything I have come across has been logical. It just takes me a bit longer to memorise the words, as they are so unusual sounding. I am definitely keen to see Finnish here on DL though. :)

Don't give up! Keep pushing for it! :D

I'm glad to hear from you all. I think we should find a Finnish friend to help us. Do you know anyone Finnish?

Yes I know, myself.;) I'm no language expert though, and wouldn't have time to contribute to a course (official Duolingo - I can always write in a forum topic when I'm around, no problem with that).

Any language that has a lot of cases (15 in Finnish) can be hard to learn. I've done basics in Lithuanian, so know it deffinitely isn't impossible. I guess the endings as opposed to prepositions would confuse you people as much as prepositions can confuse me.;) Also the lack of gender for words, and lack of articles (I know I have a hard time remembering if it's "un" or "une" in French, and typing "a" or "the" in English to get the sentences right here LOL).

Good thing is that you pronounce the words as they are written. We don't much use the letter "c" (only in rare occasions with borrowed words), and "b" is likewise rare, same goes for "w" and "x" or "z". No accents either. Allthough I bet letters "ä" and "ö" increase the difficulty. "Ääliö" = "idiot" in spoken Finnish (in written language "idiootti" is more correct).

Finnish doesn't have a straight equivalent for "please", but we use other ways of expressing the same thing, like saying "thank you". Which is "kiitos" in Finnish.

We do actually have a "vous-dire" form (sorry, I know it better in French! I'm here to brush up on my language skills, so know more French than the level might let you think). Except we don't use it that often. Mostly when speaking to elderly people, or those in a very high position, like the president.

Same goes for saying "madam" or "sir" = "rouva" and "herra". I bet if you'd talk to a younger person in an extremely polite way, they'd be really annoyed, because it feels as if you'd think they're much older.;) We really don't use "miss" = "neiti", allthough it exists.

The personal pronouns are:

minä = I

sinä = you

hän = he/she (it's gender neutral)

me = we

te = you (also the polite form mentioned above)

he = they

The word "se" = "it" is widely used in spoken language as equivalent to "hän". Even though it officially refers to an animal or an object.

An addition due to a lesson that seemed problematic to me.;)

Minä syön patongin. = I am eating the baguette.

Minä syön patonkia. = I am eating baguette.

baguette = patonki

Otherwise the first form in my example (can't remember names of the cases) would be "patonkin", but due to pronounciation the "k" changes to "g".

If you go to a kiosk or café and ask for a baguette:

Saisinko patongin? = Could I have a baguette?

So as you see we don't differentiate "any" from "certain" in this way.

Saisinko tuon patongin? = Could I have that baguette?

This instead refers to a certain baguette, which you might also point out. Or specify the fillings you want inside the baguette.;)

Right now the Duolingo lesson is asking me to translate:

"The food is good."

In Finnish this would be "Ruoka on hyvää."

good = hyvä

Any news? Have you sent messages to Duolingo?

[deactivated user]

    Yes! My friend and I would LOVE Finnish for English speakers!!! We have a friend from Finland and would like to pay her back for bothering to learn English ;)

    Great, maybe it would work.

    What a great idea! Join the movement to get this going!

    Museo Numero Radio Metro Veranda Paella

    So, please, Finnish people, help us!

    What kind of help you need?

    Adding Finnish to Duolingo...

    While waiting for that, is there anything else where you would need help? :)

    It is hard to lern without duo, as I lke to hear wat I learn. I remember better. But i need a few sms or fb sayings / replies. If you can post a few most popular words.

    (hyvää) huomenta, (hyvää) päivää, (hyvää) iltaa. When you meet a person.

    Hei, terve, moi. When you come or go.

    Näkemiin, moikka, hyvää yötä. When you go.

    Mitä kuuluu? kuinka hurisee? miten menee? How are you? (WARNING!!! do NOT ask if you don't want an answer, Finns speak less, but say more)

    Kiitos hyvää/ siinahän se/ eipä ihmeempiä/ No, sitä tavallista / Vähän on ollut ...

    Many things on fb come directly from english: lmao, rofl,

    I applied months ago to contribute for a Finnish course for English speakers, but haven't heard back from Duolingo yet.

    I have promised to give a little help as a 'pilkunviilaaja' :) (But I cannot translate even that word myself)

    pilkunviilaja = a nitpicker not literal, but translation of the expression with an equivalent one

    It's interesting and amusing how so many different languages have found the need to develop an expression for the same ideas, such as "go out in style", "two-faced", "the discussion was over my head" (for which Finns say it "went over the dandruff" :-)
    • "During a forest fire, the moose burned and became a reindeer"
    • "I was moose-like scared of reindeer"


    Nyt meni yli hilseen! ;)

    good to hear that. Let's hope Finnish duolingo will start soon.

    That's so awesome! So did I! I even set up a Facebook group and put together a team for it.

    When I contacted them, they just told me that there needs to be more push for it. Maybe they need more people bugging them to make it happen?

    Let's join forces! :D

    That would be a good idea :). I'm waiting for learning it too.

    I see that some people already know some Finnish, so some people might find these news in simple Finnish useful:

    Wow, I can't believe how many people actually want to get to know my culture. As a long time language enthusiast and Duolingo user, I for one would love to give back by contributing to a Finnish course! :) Sitä odotellessa..

    Hi Are you from Finland? Im karen from Mexico, I would like to know more Finland educational system!!

    I can speak finnish, but i need someone to talk the italiano with me oO

    Well, if any native Finnish-speaker is interested in learning Portuguese or practicing English (I know most of you are fluent lol), I am a native speaker of both and would be glad to help in exchange for Finnish lessons. (o:

    If you live in Helsinki you can try your luck on or :) Through the former I found Finnish people interested in learning French.

    Native Finnish speaker here, I also sent an application to contribute for the course, but based on other posts I'm quite pessimistic on receiving and answer from them anytime soon.. :/

    That's a pity that duo somehow stopped:(

    what do you mean? that they stopped caring about Finnish or that it stopped working?

    As far as we know, they have never cared about Finnish. With this I mean that there has never been a promise, not even an implicit one, from staff regarding creating a Finnish course. They have "prepared" this page for a possible Finnish course:, but that's it.

    However, I am quietly confident that they will get around to Finnish at some point. We just have to be patient.

    It is a bit silly that the automated email you get when you apply to contribute to a course says they will get back to you soon, when "soon" can mean at least 1 1/2 years...

    too bad, there is very little material online for Finnish, and it's such a beautiful language! hopefully I will be able to go to Finland some time in the future, but I wanted to speak a little when I got there...

    Yup, I know, there is not a lot of material available... You could check with Moomingirl on her stream -- she is a diligent user of many Finnish courses on Memrise, and could probably recommend you a couple to try. Lykkyä tykö! (Good luck!)

    I gave up waiting to use duolingo to learn Finnish and currently use memrise (which is actually quite good) along with a textbook (and conversation). Hope they bring out a Finnish course sometime.

    Hi, Im from Mexico, I woould love you to help to know more about your culture. Hope we can have a conversation!!

    I would like to learn Finnish too. Don't know why it's taking so long =/

    I, too, would be grateful for Finnish. Anxiously waiting to connect more deeply with my heritage and study a beautiful language!! I have tried with several books, but have found I need the motivating system Duolingo provides!

    Native Finnish speaker, linguistics student by day and general language enthusiast by night. Would love to contribute to the cause.

    (+ Can't wait for Hungarian to get those pesky final 6% done!! I'm excited to see how they have adapted the system to work for a Uralic language.)

    While many of you have mentioned that you've tried learning Finnish in the past, I'll go over a few very basic points just to give the rest an idea what sort of language this is.

    ----> Tahdon oppia suomea / I want to learn Finnish

    tahdon: "I want". Finnish verbs conjugate according to personal pronouns, which can feel difficult for e.g. English speakers. Expect to devote time to learning the forms until you know them by instinct: tahdon, tahdot, tahtoo (singural), tahdomme, tahdotte, tahtovat (plural). Because the verb already expresses the subject, adding the pronoun is not necessary - but possible (minä tahdon, sinä tahdot, hän tahtoo...etc.) Speaking of pronouns, Finnish has no he/she distinction. Everyone is simply "hän".

    oppia: "to learn" This is rather straightforward, no? "Oppia" is to learn, "opiskella" to study and "opettaa" to teach.

    suomea: "Finnish" We spell countries with a capital letter, languages normally (Suomi = Finland, suomi = Finnish). This is where things get a little complicated for many people. The basic nominative form of "Finnish" is indeed suomi, but "Tahdon oppia suomi" is an immediate beginner-learner flag. The form "suomea" is called the partitive form and it will be one of your closest buddies (or greatest enemies) when learning Finnish. It has many functions, but here I believe it has to do with what the Germans call Rektion (Case government in English) - a verb simply needs other words to be in a certain form.

    Feel free to message me for further examples or explanations. The first thing you should understand is that while Finnish is a notoriously challenging language, 95% of natives will be overjoyed that you make an effort to learn it and will be more than glad to help - their helpfulness often depending on their own experience with foreign languages and their grasp on Finnish itself.

    Hopefully we'll see an actual Finnish course in Duolingo in the near-ish future!

    I have to admit that i find Finnish such an attractive language. It is difficult as we are not accustomed to its sound but I'm all for it!

    They have Italian here and the same verb-subject form is present there. This should be a problem for the system. bevo = juon beveamo = juomme

    The real issue for the system will be the consonant gradation. This is a huge part of the grammar, but doesn't correspond to anything Indo-European languages have. The other part that would be a bit hard to show in duo is vowel harmony, but that's relatively simple anyway, so it could be mentioned in the beginning already as a part of basic grammar.

    Hi Gabi, I would gladly take part in building a Finnish course. It is up to Duolingo now.

    Why the ❤❤❤❤ is incubating a Klingon course and not a Finnish course? :/

    I was wondering the exact same thing. Fluent Klingon speakers: Wikipedia estimates 30 max. Fluent Finnish speakers: More that 5 million. And right now with the influx of a lot of people from other countries, we REALLY could use a good mobile course for them. Anyone know how to poke the Duolingo people about this?

    I think that we can send a message to Duolingo on Facebook.

    Seriously though. I flipped out when I saw that.

    Still waiting.. I read on the Klingon thread that there "may not be many speakers" and it's hard to find speakers that meet all the requirements. I find that a bit odd, because if you can find enough Gaelic (and Klingon (!) speakers to meet the requirements to get the incubator going, then Finnish shouldn't be so damn near impossible, should it? Some figures: an estimated 1.9 million people at least somewhat understand Irish, an estimated 40-80000 people are fully native speakers of Irish Gaelic, whereas about 5.4 million people are native Finnish speakers. I am not even gonna bother and look up Klingon. I find it a bit hard to believe that to get a Finnish course going is so much harder than to get an Irish (or Klingon) course going...?

    Duolingo, if you could at least provide us with an update or statement, that would be great. I wonder how many people applied to work on a course, too..

    I think we should make a "finnish for duolingo campaign", we could create a hashtag and tweet it to Luis Von Ahm/the duolingo account... it might work.

    But we have to tell the others about it!

    I just found out from AncestryDNA who my grandfather is(was.) His parents were both from Finland!!!!

    I would love to learn the language.

    How about it Duolingo?

    I found out the same from a different DNA site. I'd also love to learn the language of my relatives and ancestors! :)

    I have also applied as a contributor approximately 6 months ago I think...

    (A little late whoopsies) I'm all for Finnish being added. I really want to learn it. :D Not to mention, it's a Finno-Ugric language like Hungarian, and my Finnish friend has said there's a lot of Swedish influence, and we have both of those languages. So in reality it's not that different from a language we have and is influenced by another language we have. I hope this really gets pushed...

    I really hope they see this soon. Finnish would be excellent to learn :D

    yes Duolingo please add finnish. I'm learning it on several sites but they're messy and not free. Duolingo method is the best so pleasee I really need this course.

    My great grandparents emigrated from Finland. I know a few words and some pronunciation. I am trying to learn Finnish from a book but Duolingo would make this so much easier.

    It would be great to have a Finnish course on here. I would definitely sign up!!!

    I'd love it!! Please... I'm trying to learn it with Memrise and books since... well, far too long. I think Duolingo will be a perfect boost!

    I am also using memrise, although sometimes a bit incorrect, its better than nothing :)
    • 2068

    I follow up on the incubator and in the last 1-2 weeks 3 languages went forward to beta, so I am curious, when will we see the Finnish at least in the incubator... No news yet for my application...

    Please, Duolingo!! We want a Finnish course!! :)

    I would like to add my voice to calling for Finnish to be taught on duolingo. There is hardly nothing good for learning Finnish currently online and this would be a great platform through which to make Finnish learning easy and fun!

    I also would absolutely love to learn Finnish! I've been waiting for a few years to see if Finnish would show up on Duolingo. I have tried to start learning on my own, but haven't had much luck because I haven't been able to find a resource with a style of teaching that I can really learn from (aside from some vocabulary words). The way Duolingo teaches makes it seem feasible that I could learn this wonderful language, and I hope that they will start working on a Finnish course soon.

    Finnish!! Finnish!!! Finnish!!!...Want to learn it...Hyvää :D

    Hi! I am a Linguist. I would like to add my voice to the call for Finnish on duolingo. I would be delighted at the chance to brush up on my Finnish.

    Put me down as another person interested in learning Finnish. It's been said to be difficult for English speakers, but I am hearing others say it is a very logical language. I hope to see it offered soon!

    I hope they add it soon!! My boyfriend speaks finnish, and I just think it would be really cool to learn it and surprise him :')

    My vote is going to Finnish. It has been 2 years now since the topic was brought up? Is there any news?

    I too would be delighted to learn a bit of Finnish. :)

    hi = moi/hei/terve/moro..... thanks= kiitos I = Minä you = sinä he = hän she = hän

    I would really like to see a Finnish course. I have followed Finnish lessons for 6 months and as my girlfriend is Finnish I would really like to get better in it. Hope it will happen soon!

    I'd really like to see a Finnish course, not for myself but on my non-finnish relatives behalf. I was asked about such course with english as a base language and russian.

    In addition, what about English course with Finnish as a base language? That would be great for kids. Great addition to school homework.

    Has this happened yet? I'd love to try Finnish next

    Nope, still waiting. :(

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    That would be so great

    I just add a comment here to leave clear I definitely love to learn Finnish too, even though Duolingo seems quite unimpressed at our feedback! And btw I also wanna thank everybody who already left a comment here, it's quite an entertaining reading! Kiitos kaikille!

    It's 3 yrs since this comment and DuoLingo still hasn't moved a bit. Full of bureaucracy?

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    I really hope that the Finnish language course becomes a real thing, because as a native Estonian speaker, I am very interested in learning the closest language to my own. Full support!

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    I want to learn Finnish.

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    PLEASE create a Finnish to English progrsm!

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    Indeed, finnish course is needed!

    come on Duolinguo, we want Finnish!

    I just wrote about my interest in being a part of a Finnish course developing to Duolingo for the third time. They still haven't contacted me =(

    I just found out that I was Finnish! I used AncestryDNA to find out my unknown grandfather. I would love to learn Finnish!!!!! Please, can you make a Finnish program? You already have two languages, High Valyrian and Klingon, which are not even real languages!!! Why can't you do Finnish, too?

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    I would love this! I'm fairly new to duolingo, but Finnish has always been on my list of languages I would like to learn. A lot of my family speaks Finnish, but they live in Sweden so learnings been a bit difficult.

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    Yes please! I really would love Finnish!

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    Learning a language that is not found on the indo-euro language tree sounds fascinating. I, therefore, add my name to the list of those hoping for a Finnish for English speakers course.

    please, FINNISH now!!!!!!!!

    Jeg vil lære finsk på Duolingo, men det er ikke tilgjengelig ennå.

    I'd really love to learn Finnish here!

    What the hell is going on Duo, four years of people crying out to learn Finnish, loads of people in this thread have sent applications and not even heard anything back. So weird.

    It's strange, and when I'm looking at the Incubator I see courses there with only two contributors. If that's all that it takes, we should've had Finnish in the incubator a long time ago.

    Unfortunately, the number of (possible) contributors is just one of the parameters.

    Out of curiosity, what other factors are there?

    That's what we don't know.

    Well, we know some of them. For example the difficulty of creating the course (and necessary adjustments to the system) is considered too. This shouldn't be much of an issue for Finnish, which uses the Latin alphabet and there have been several agglutinative languages developed already, which means that the system is probably ready for the grammar too.

    But here comes the most vague part: Duolingo must somehow decide it will be useful for them, more useful than other options: bring them new learners, media attention and, in the end, income. They try various approaches (big languages, endangered languages, popular conlangs) and no-one knows what they will decide next. Unfortunately, Finnish doesn't seem to fall into any of these obvious categories.

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    I do wish Finnish was available here but based on this thread it doesn't seem likely, since someone first wished for it four years ago. I have a friend in the US whom I have known for about 20 years and she still doesn't know Finnish, but said she would learn if it was available in Duolingo. :D I would be happy to contribute as well, which I have indicated on the application form.

    I would love to learn finnish. I can’t find good resources to learn it on my own. So please Finnish speakers contribute to a DL course...

    Here are some resources I've gathered and used:

    I like to learn in sentences like Duolingo does

    • Clozemaster - exposure to a lot of sentences in the target language - you only need to type one word, so you can go through many sentences in a short time. Has spaced repetition. Great for learning vocabulary/phrases, but no grammar.

    • Mondly teaches vocabulary through sentences organized by topics, but has no spaced repetition. You won’t learn much grammar apart from the basic I am, you are, because they use one template for all languages. The unpaid version is a bit limited but I’m not sure how exactly.

    • Memrise is mainly for vocabulary training, but some user-created courses there are sentence-based. It has spaced repetition, so it reminds of Duolingo a bit. Try Suomi Monostyle or Slow Finnish (see below). I've moved from Memrise to Anki recently but still use some of the Memrise courses as resources.

    But I really want to stay on Duolingo

    • A very nice and capable Duolingo user has created a course for us here in the discussion, it’s called Slow Finnish. It has dialogues, grammar explanations, exercises. And if you want to practise it properly, with spaced repetition and audio, you can use the accompanying course on Memrise

    There must be some web-based courses, right? With audio and stuff

    I will still need some grammar

    I like to read

    • Selkouutiset and Selkosanomat offer news in simplified Finnish. Selkouutiset have a few articles every day, Selkosanomat is updated every two weeks.

    • After you have learned a bit, Ymmärrä Suomea has twenty texts to practise reading. There is some grammar explanation and comprehension test with each one.

    • If you like children’s stories, you can read or download some at Iltasatu

    I prefer talking to other people

    • There are several language-learning Discord servers.

    What about videos?

    • Sorry, can’t help you there, but maybe others will have some suggestions.

    O.M.G. :O - An English-Finnish course on Duolingo would be so awesome! Is there anything in planning? There must be some Finns who'd wish to see it happen. ;-)

    Volunteering Finns - yes. Duolingo staff willing to give the course a chance - no. :(

    :O Whuoa--? Why is that? Too much to do for too little outcome? Do they think there are not enough people who wanna learn it?

    We don't really know why they ignore Finnish.

    And it's not because Finnish would be too difficult, as they already have 3 languages that are arguably just as (if not more) difficult: Hungarian, Polish, and Chinese.

    That is right. Agreed.

    The only reason I can think of, is that there are not enough (supposedly) learners...

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    Just writing in to let duolingo know there's one more looking to learn Finnish

    Se vi bone komprenas kaj la finnan kaj la anglan, vi devus proponi vin por kontribuonto al la nova Duolingo-kursaro. La unua takso estas, ke La kursaro finiĝos je la aprilo de 2020.

    If you understand both Finnish and English well, you should apply to be a contributor to the new Duolingo course. The first estimate is the course will be complete in April of 2020.

    Finnish! With all of my heart and soul, I would love to learn Finnish! ♥
    It doesn't frighten me; it will just be a challenge to learn an agglutinative langauge.

    Thank you for your informative comments, pont and annika_a. :-)

    We need more people as awesome as you! (^_^)

    Hungarian is also agglutinative

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    I'm from Finland, and my parents say it takes a lot of time to fully master it. It's maybe too hard for you. You have to conjugate very much. And I give an example of a long word in Finnish:

    And we have a lot of weird words in Finnish: Dragon = lohikäärme = salmonsnake World = maailma = groundair Eyebrows = kulmakarvat = cornerhair (s) The long word that I was talking about = kumarreksituteskenteleentuvaisehkollaismaisekkuudellisenneskenteluttelemattomammuuksissansakaankopahan (102 letters)

    This "kumarreksituteskenteleentuvaisehkollaismaisekkuudellisenneskenteluttelemattomammuuksissansakaankopahan" doesn't mean anything.

    What does it mean??!!!!!

    Yes, Finnish is difficult. But I am Polish native and we also have conjugation and - unlike you- Polish has shorter words. But It is nice way to learn -duolingo. And sometimes, when you travel- it is nice to know the language, at least a bit.

    That's true! I recently travelled to Poland to see a friend and clearing the Polish tree on Duolingo before leaving helped me a lot. I couldn't really chat with people (my grammar is abhorrent and my vocabulary very limited) but I understood nearly all signs and advertisements on the streets, I could order in cafés and restaurants if the staff couldn't speak English and I even caught a word here or there from the conversations around me! It definitely made my trip more pleasant.

    I would also like very much to learn Finnish! Please try to add this course!

    Terve = hei (but a bit more relaxed, 'hei' is good almost all cases)

    WE SHOULD LEARN FINNISH! REALLY! Im an American, but i'm extremely interested in nordic everything. Tapasin kaupungin oppimaan suomea!

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    I have always wanted to learn Finnish! Please make it happen Duolingo!

    They are not many Finnish learning apps so please Duolingo, try to make it happen and add Finnish!

    I want to learn Finnish! Please make it happen Duolingo! <3

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    Need to learn Finnish ASAP! I am going to Finland soon for study, hit me up.

    if you speak Finnish teach us some please

    I would love to go to Finland to study, so I need skills

    I love how everyone here is too nice! I barely know any Finnish, I can swear like a sailor in 8 languages just for fun, But I would love to learn Finnish! Hope to see some soon! Mina rakastaan sinua

    Dear Finnish people! Visited your country about six months ago and fell in love with Helsinki! Please, help us learn some words and phrases of your "exotic" language! Kisses from Marianna, Cyprus!

    Moi! :-)

    Go ahead and try the excellent Slow Finnish lessons here in the discussion forum (search the page for those words), made by a Duolingo user. They should get you well on your way!

    I really-really would like to learn Finnish. When will it be available, Duolingo?

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    Is Finnish in Finnish Suomi?

    Is Finnish in Finnish Suomi?

    Finnish/Finn (person) = suomalainen Finnish (language) suomi (always with non-capital letter in the start except if its in the beginning of the sentence) Finland (country) = Suomi (always capital letter in beginning no matter what)


    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah, probably not. One of the most difficult languages to master, Slavic group with Czech. I can teach you about sisu though!

    We want a Finnish course!!

    It's incredible this thread has been going for more than 4 years yet nothing had ever happened. I've seen many people comment that they have applied as contributors but duo had do nothing regarding it. Unless it cames up from almost nowhere like Japanese did, I guess we won't have a Finnish course at all.

    When will Finnish be released on Duolingo?

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    I would love finnish too!

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).

    I like this site However it is not free ( . Three month are free. Once you activates the free course by clicking the link, I'll get a 2-week free )). Thank you!

    Memrise has some good user made courses but there are several reasons why we definitely need a separate course here All the grammatical conjugations (some Finnish words can be translated to entire English sentences (just like in Quenyan (LOTR elvish language)) along with the complex compounding rules (even many native speakers make multiple errors on compounding words) are among the many reasons why it would be important to have a Finnish course here since Memrise is not as good at teaching entire sentences as Duolingo is.

    It's also worth mentioning that there is also this spoken Finnish (puhekieli) which you could create an entire Memrise course out of.

    Not to mention the dialects... at least Savo might almost be considered as another language :D

    And so the wait for Finnish-Savo course begins :D

    MangoLanguages is more sentence/conversation based. I can access it for free through my local libraries "virtual resources" hookup. Check your local library - they offer more than just books on the shelves.

    Dang it, still no Finnish on duolingo? After 4 years?

    I want Finnish, and I'm serious about it! Look at my profile photo if you think I'm not: I've got a frickin' kantele!

    It is finally in the incubator. Go to I applied it myself (There are no contributors).


    Take a look at Memrise offerings in Finnish

    I've been using "Beginner's Finnish" and "Finnish Grammer". But there are plenty of others and I also see that there is a "Slow Finnish" created by 'a Duolingo user')

    I hope that Finnish will be released before Christmas because I am so excited to learn Finnish because I have been fascinated by the northern lights, snow, igloos, ice hotels, and saunas.

    It's in the incubator. (I don't know how to spell that word)

    It would be so cool, if Finnish was offered on Duolingo. I would like to learn this language as it apparently is so different from most other European languages. Appreciate all that help to develop the course. Thank you in advance.

    please!!! i would LOVE to learn finnish!! it's the language of moomins and ievan polkka and it sounds so cool!!!!

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