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"The noisy children disturbed us."

Translation:nuSuj puqpu' chuS.

January 21, 2019



I wrote nISuj when the answer should be nuSuj and was given a correct answer with a typo when the answer was clearly wrong. I've had this sort of thing happen on almost every sentence in the prefix lesson even going so far as to give me a correct answer when I write "nu" and the answer is "DI"


This may be an artefact of the way that we create sentences -- some words come all in one piece, especially in the earliest lessons where prefixes and suffixes aren't taught explicitly, but later on, many words are put together from pieces, e.g. nuSuj is entered as nu followed by Suj, simply without a space between them.

Usually, a single-letter typo that results in a valid (but incorrect) word is rejected as a mistake rather than warned as a typo, but perhaps this approach breaks the system because there is no nISuj present as a unit that could tell the system that that's a valid word which would be incorrect in this context.

The alternative, perhaps, would be to create all affixed versions explicitly, but that quickly runs into a lot of work (you would need not only Suj jISuj qaSuj vISuj SaSuj muSuj ... but also Sujbej Sujbe'bej SujlaH SujlaHbej Sujbe'laHbej SujlaHbe'bej Sujqu'laHbe'bejmo' ... for each and every verb).

So I don't think we can do much about these incorrectly-accepted or typo-warning-only cases, unfortunately.

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