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  5. "Those dogs walk."

"Those dogs walk."

Translation:वे कुत्ते चलते हैं।

January 21, 2019


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It is used as an auxiliary verb to specify the tense of the main verb चलना. In this case, it is telling you that the sentence is in the simple present tense.


I am starting to use a hindi keyboard to write out word in Hindi. How do I create the "t" sound in dogs? I can write: कुते , but there is a small line protruding to the left that suggests a partial letter attached to it. But I am unsure of what letter that is. Thx!

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कुत्ते is 'kuttē'.

The second letter त्त is a conjunct consonant of त and त. You can type this as त+ ्+त.

So, कुत्ते as a whole is क+ ु +त+ ् +त+ े


It worked! Thank you! or should I say: danyevad!


Thanks for the question and answer! I was wondering the same.


The sentence is in present indefinate tence and subject is not third person singular number it is plural so i think verb does not have s or es

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