Strange follower

I just received a notification about someone following me and as usual I checked out who they were (I don't follow people unless they are someone I know) The person gave information about herself in her profile and how to contact her outside of Duolingo. I am not happy about this as she appears to be soliciting (and it is working, as she has about 140 followers and is following 12,000 or so people) she only has 10 points and has a very pinup like profile picture (unlike my plain old koala) I don't think Duolingo is the place for this sort of thing, I may be told to ignore it, but there are many impressionable young people using this site and I wouldn't like my kids to get this follower and end up looking at her profile on another site. I took a screen shot of this but I don't know how to report it (and I am not putting the screen shot on here) so can someone let me know what to do with this information?Thanks in advance.

January 21, 2019


I reported this issue to Duolingo (thanks for the advice Pentaan) and the profile was removed. Thanks for the advice again and the upvoted support from everyone as well!!

January 22, 2019

I looked at your profile, I think I know who you are talking about, that is very very strange

January 22, 2019
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