"No, sorry."

Translation:Tidak, maaf.

January 21, 2019

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Why don't they accept "tak" or "gak" instead of tidak?? :(

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    I think the point is because not all Indonesian people use nggak. People from eastern Indonesia stick with Tidak or Nda for informal. Enggak is basically in Java, Sumatera and Bali. And if you use that one in formal conversation, people will think that you are uneducated.


    It's because it's slang, and they focus on official Indonesian (the one found in the Kamus Besar).


    Because tidak = no & nggak = nope, tak is not Indonesian but Malaysian


    enggak can also mean no.


    Tak is Indonesian, my Indonesian friends say it all the time


    Tidak, permisi is not the same as tidak, maaf. Like sorry or excuse me


    It should accept nggak as informal no (way more common in spoken indo than tidak)


    IKR!? Nggak or gak for short should be accepted but they refuse to allow informal Indonesian on here shakes own head pfft Informal is way better and cooler.


    That's a good think they teach you first official Indonesian. As some people who takes course here could want to pass exam in Indonesian. So, it's very good to be able to make the difference between the official Indonesian language, and the slang.

    If I learn English on a website, I'm very happy they don't let me write "nite" for "night" or "wanna" or "gotta".

    It's good to learn very well first a language, and when we have all the basis, going into slang, not the reverse, as we could mix everything.


    I accidentally typed tidakaaf and it was correct whyy?


    Depending on whatever statement has come before this, "Bukan, maaf" could also be an acceptable translation.


    Yes but this is a standalone statement :)


    "Bukan" is used when answering negative question like this: A:"Kamu orang Indonesia?" B:"Bukan"


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