study techniques and a plan of study

I have been spending several days going through the duolingo Ukrainian course, and while it is helpful, I find myself not really memorizing or retaining much of the information.

Much of my life I have self taught myself through practice and habits. I have never been one good with taking notes.

I guess to summarize, I am trying to get a foundation for learning Ukrainian. Would it be best I start a journal and write words that I learn, and then use youtube videos to recite vocally words?

I want to daily develop my learning, but am finding myself doing nothing more than doing the duolingo daily lessons. Which I can't say I am retaining much from it.

Maybe some veterans of language learning, can assist me putting together a routine of study habits that is conventional and ideas.

All this being said it would also be nice to find people in Ukraine who would be able to talk over the internet to recite and learn Ukrainian and English together.

This has been a great experience thus far, I just want to be more serious in learning. Thanks and I hope this makes sense, and is not too lengthy.

Regards, Trevor from America.

3 weeks ago

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If you want to have a good partner to conversations you should use the HelloTalk application in your smartphone.

3 weeks ago

thank you, I'll look it up. Though space on my phone is rather limited : /

3 weeks ago
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You would definitely need to build some of your vocabulary. Get some grammar structure.

Get a notebook and write down what is important to you plus new vocabulary.

2 weeks ago
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