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"This is the friend to whom I have given the key."

Translation:Questa è l'amica a cui ho dato la chiave.

April 6, 2013



Why is "Questo è il amico a cui ho dato la chiave" wrong?!? (I literally copy pasted this, I made no typo.)


It should be: "Questo è ---- l'amico ----- a cui ho dato la chiave" :))


argh of course. That one always £$%# me up. Too many articles, Italian!



Aaahh - don't worry, you will get used to it ! :))


What is the example when I could use 'a chi' then if here it is a wrong option, although it is offered when I click on "whom" in the sentence? Thx.


Chi is always who in a question (“who is ...?”). “The man, who...” is a completely different use of “who” translated as “che” (or “cui” if there is a preposition). “A chi” can only used in a question: “A chi hai dato la chiave?”

The hints are more like looking up a word in a dictionary, there may be different translations in different cases, it is up to you to decide which translation is the one you need in this case, if any at all.


In the question form, is it also okay to use 'a CUI hai dato la chiave?'

I'm trying to work out a rule: can I always translate 'whom' to 'cui' if I want to make it simple for myself (even if 'chi' is also an option in question form).

Or is the rule that 'cui' is only for 'whom' in statement form, and 'chi' is used in all other circumstances?


Wow, tricky. Thanks much, roemer.


Questo è l'amico cui ho dato la chiave. Because you don't need 'a' when it mean 'to whom'?


There must always be something behind cui (a cui, in cui, di cui..) which mean to whom/which, in which, and of which respectively


actually in Italian "Questo è l'amico cui ho dato la chiave' is right, "a" can be omitted, but most of italians would say "a cui"


Ho dato is right too


why it is not a chi ho dato la chiave?


Marialramendy - because it says...... "to whom" and not to who I gave the key".


Why doesn't it work with ''quest'è''? Is it incorrect?


Why "a cui" and not "a chi"? Is not "cui" whose?

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