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"That is a large cup of coffee."

Translation:He kīʻaha kope nui kēlā.

January 21, 2019



Large cup of coffee or large coffee cup? I experimented: "He kīʻaha nui o kope kēlā. Nope.


You cannot translate every word like that. If you use o meaning of, then you need the requisite article after as well, ke in this case. He kīʻaha nui kēlā o ke kope. / He kīʻaha nui o ke kope kēlā.

Actually as it stands now, that sentence is a bit ambiguous. That Hawaiian could be That is a large coffee cup. or That is a large cup of coffee.

Just as in English a noun can be used as an adjective to specify the type, as a compound noun. In this case, that noun kope is used to describe what is in it.


pola is also often used for cup


Why not "this is a cup of large coffee"? Is it because a compound noun (cup (of) coffee) is followed by its adjective?


The adjective large is not supposed to be in that position within that sentence. That does not make sense in English to translate.

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