"My cat is not liked by Tono because he does not like animals."

Translation:Kucing saya tidak disukai Tono karena dia tidak suka hewan.

January 21, 2019

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I am confused: sometimes an agent like Tono is introduced by oleh, sometimes it isn't. Can't derermine the oleh/no oleh conditions and when the Indonesian has no oleh i stumble in comprehension.


'oleh' can be omitted if the passive 'di-' verb is followed directly by the agent/actor.
'oleh' must be used if the passive verb is followed by something else than the agent/actor.
agent/actor = the one performing the action of the verb.

Here is another sentence where it's easier to put 'something else' after the "di-" verb :


Thanks, your explanation is really helpful! I need to get my ear more alerted to the passive flag of the di- prefix.


What is important is what the cat thinks about Tono.

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