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A FUN way to learn some new grammar, with explanation :)))


This page is a great way to learn some things that Duolingo doesn't offer. And you have FUN while doing it.


January 21, 2019



You are not getting much action on this post. But, I think this is one of the best beginner introductions to German that I have ever seen. I have been speaking and learning German for 32 years, this is a great beginner course and should be used with Duolingo. Both are great resources.


Aw, Danke SCHÖN! I am a beginner in German, so before starting Duolingo, I tried this course, and it gave me a great head start. Thank you for the recognition!


Like to see people having fun while learning German, once you're having fun you come back for more. Thanks for providing the link, seems people like it.


As a native English speaker, I think I can help some of you with your German language learning. So I'll leave you, what I think is the most important tip. Always learn the direct article with the noun. In English the direct article is the, in German we have der, die und das. The noun is a person, place, or thing and in German all nouns are capitalized. So instead of the man, the woman and the girl we have der Mann (the man), die Frau (the woman) und das Madchen (the girl) with the umlaut over the a (always learn the umlaut, also). The reason it's so important to learn the direct article with the noun is because German has the four cases. If you don't know the correct direct article, you will never be able to speak at a fluent level. In my opinion, this is what makes Duolingo so Great. You always have the opportunity to get it right (the direct article and the noun combo) and get it ingrained in your long term memory from the start. Another tip if you are just starting to learn German, is to concentrate on learning the subject/verb endings. You should concentrate on the first four skills in the Duolingo tree. Take them all the way to level five before proceeding with skill number five. That is the skill level where they teach you that der Apfel (the apple) becomes den Apfel (the apple). Hope this advice helps. Have a nice day.


Wonderful reference! Even if a student has advanced beyond what they're teaching (for free, anyway), it never hurts to review. And I find when a concept is presented in a different way, a light bulb goes off regarding something I've struggled with.

Vielen Dank!


Vielen Dank, dass Sie Ihre Erfahrungen mit uns teilen


Main thing with German, you have to believe in your mind that it's fun. I always thought it was great fun. Most people find it boring as heck. My daughter took two college courses in German and can't speak a lick. Can't get my son to learn it either. I discovered Duolingo and thought it was great. I think, the young gentleman that posted the link above found a real gem. Didn't seem to be getting any action on his post, so I felt the need to add my two cents. These two resources should help any person with their learning and best of all, they're free.


Looks like a great site, Ill use it also. Cheers.


I've stayed on this site for an hour now. Thank you.


This page is great! Thanks soo much! Danke!!


Du bist herzlich willkommen!


Ich werde den Link besuchen. ich danke Ihnen für das Teilen


Check it out, but at your level it probably won't help you that much, you will be able to breeze through it in no time. At your level the post titled children's stories will be more helpful in my opinion. It is a bit more advanced.


Thank you. It is a great site. I rushed through too much at the beginning & I am now having to go back & catch up as some things are not making sense. This site is a very helpful way to do it!


Thank you so much! This website is excellent!


This is really helpful. Thanks


Yes this is making with the explanations things much clearer danke.


Wow, dankeschön! This website looks amazing! Thankyou so much for sharing the link!


Hi, it looks nice, yes. But as you know German from decades, may I ask a small question? One thing has surprised me. Are the pronunciations of the two words 'Messer' and 'Butter' "correct" or acceptable in that page, in your view?

I have learned that the final R shouldn't be pronounced. I'm quite a beginner in German. Thank you


Yes they are pronounced correctly. Follow the pronunciation exactly as on the site. I think that will help Duolingo users the most. You get to hear the actual sounds you need to be producing.


Do you think that it's really pronounced like that in 2019? Or was it rather like that several years ago? I ask you because if you listen the same words in forvo it absolutely doen't match! it's quite weird.

none of the five prononciations of "Messer" match : https://fr.forvo.com/word/messer/#dehttps://fr.forvo.com/word/messer/#de

and none of the two of "Butter" match either :https://fr.forvo.com/word/butter/#de

so, what do you think? it's not just in order to contradict you my friend, it's simply in order to understand

furthermore, i f you listen to this excellent video you ll hear that the ending Rs are not pronounced

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwBfUzPCiaw (listen to DER, after 1.minute 12 sec..).

Excuse me to contradict you. I do not like it. It s not what it's about. Not a pleasure for me to do it. I do not like it, and it doesn't mean either that the whole site you mentioned is uninteresting


The German R has sounded the same for the last 32 years. If it's the first letter keep your tongue flat and the tip on your bottom teeth and get the gargle from the back of your throat like on the web site. At the end of the word Messer. The r is pronounced just like in English.


Yes, you 're right. then they're wrong on the site. The pronunciation of "Messer" and "Butter" are not correct. that's the point. Check it out by your self

here's again the link : https://www.thegermanproject.com/german-lessons/german-pronunciation

You have to go a little down in the page

I 'm kind of a maniac with pronunciation :-)


Why did you say that you learned the r at the end of a German word is silent? That's incorrect.


actually, my family hosts a foreign exchange student from germany, and they pronounced it exactly like the website provided above did. She said there is nothing wrong with the pronunciation of the words.


Ok forget the expression "the Rs are silent", please Simply listen to the different sources and you'll hear the huge huge differences. check it out by yourself. it's simple.

You know what? It 's may be just an error on that specific page, on that two words. I've just listened to other words in another page of the site and they are correctly said. "die Kinder", here, sounds correct : https://www.thegermanproject.com/german-lessons/nouns

so... have a good weekend


I would love to be able to check it out. You must be correct. Unfortunately my phone is messed up. I have had no sound on it for three or four days now. Sorry, I can only text.


Your phone is not working well. Oh, OK. I understand. I'm on a PC.. I'm maybe too maniac with pronunciations. Don't worry. the way words are pronounced matters a lot for me in languages, hence my love for the Forvo site.:-) Forget this. Bye.


I finally got to listen to the pronunciation on the link you provided. The words are pronounced exactly as they should be.


Hi Bruce, thanks. Sure, it has been voted as the best one on Forvo. do you hear a German ü ? do you hear an English "e" instead ? I hear a ü personally

it's quite weird! hahaha !

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