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"Tiongkok adalah negara di Asia."

Translation:China is a country in Asia.

January 22, 2019



It is actualy Cina (chēnă)


On 14 March 2014, Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, signed a presidential decree (Keputusan Presiden) No. 12/2014, to change the legal use of Indonesian language term to refer China. Changes including to replace the term Cina or China to Tiongkok to refer China as a country, and Tionghoa to refer Chinese people, or Chinese descents. This change was meant to eradicate discrimination and prejudice towards Chinese Indonesians.

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China%E2%80%93Indonesia_relations#Tiongkok


That is true, but many people here still use ‘Cina’ to refer to both PRC and the Chinese descendants. They don’t regard it to be very derogatory either, although saying Tionghoa/Tiongkok does sound more polite & politically correct.


I believe- as a native speaker- what makes a word pejorative, in Indonesian, is more so in the intonation rather than the actual word itself.


That's true. And "tionghua" and "tiongkok" shouldn't be official bahasa indonesia words, they're hokkien, it's weird..


Cina is often used as an ethnic slur against Indonesians of Chinese ancestry, so Tiongkok/Tionghoa is preferred.


No it's just they use the word Cina and always talk bad about them! They have other words for the Chinese which are rude and so do the Chinese for the locals. They rightly or wrong have grudges against each other. The Chinese some what have the unfair end of things but they both treat each other poorly in their own way. The Chinese sadly face violence they should not.

If you want to be polite it's Zhongguo for China and Zhongguoren for Chinese person.


Tiongkok is definitely the wrong word to use to refer to the country China. This is ridiculous.

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