"ʻO ka Lāpule kēia."

Translation:Today is Sunday.

January 22, 2019

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I actually came here to say that there are those of us that use Po‘ahiku to break away from the Christian influence on our language. I don‘t think older generations do it or are as willing, but just know that there are those of us who do and strive for non-denominational terminology.

Lāpule is day of prayer. It originates from missionary times. Po‘ahiku however can be traced as being used as far back as 1893 on paper so it is not necessarily a new movement in language.


Why not Po'ahiku for Sunday?


Lāpule...prayer day.


"Kēia lā" has been used on DL to mean "today" as often as just "kēia" Why the distinction now? What's different about this sentence that I'm missing?

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