"His sister lives in America."

Translation:उसकी बहन अमेरिका में रहती है।

January 22, 2019



Since it is 'behan', 'Uski' should be used, not 'uska' . Understood. But how to know we should use 'raha"thi"' and not 'Raha"tha"' ?

January 22, 2019


For the same reason, since behen is feminine, you use uski when referring to her, as well as conjugating verbs in the female form, since we are talking about a female, it is rehti, because verbs are conjugated according to the subject of the sentence, here "uski behen" which is feminine. So by the same token, "His brother lives in America" = उसका भाई अमेरिका में रहता है

January 22, 2019
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