"His sister lives in America."

Translation:उसकी बहन अमेरिका में रहती है।

January 22, 2019

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Since it is 'behan', 'Uski' should be used, not 'uska' . Understood. But how to know we should use 'raha"thi"' and not 'Raha"tha"' ?


For the same reason, since behen is feminine, you use uski when referring to her, as well as conjugating verbs in the female form, since we are talking about a female, it is rehti, because verbs are conjugated according to the subject of the sentence, here "uski behen" which is feminine. So by the same token, "His brother lives in America" = उसका भाई अमेरिका में रहता है


Rahatha male Rahathi female


Does anybody know if these sentences will eventually have the slow down voice button? I have trouble with these longer sentences in seperating where one word ends and the next begins.


Please go and google the same sentence. Use google translator English to hindi. It should be उसका


Can I use Hain instead of Hai if I want to be respectful to the sister? Duolingo says not


Yes, you can. But note that you are using 'uski' so it's not respectful to the person you're talking about. If you want to be respectful to both the person and his sister, it would be उनकी बहन अमरीका में रहती हैं।


Correct me if Im wrong,, Uska Behan should be used while referring to His sister,, Uski Behan for her sister.


Uski is because the noun after it (behen) is feminine, the gender of the person who's sister it is doesn't matter :) Uski behen means both "his sister" AND "her sister"


What is hindi word of 'her sister lives in america' and 'her brother lives in america' can you say diffrence between them

  1. उसकी बहन अमेरिका में रहती है। means "Her/His sister lives in America."

  2. उसका भाई अमेरिका में रहता है। means "Her/His brother lives in America."

Note: उसका ("his," "her," "hers," "its," "of that") is a Possessive Pronoun-- which means that it declines like an adjective; it agrees with the thing possessed.

In sentence 1, बहन ("sister") is a feminine noun, so we use उसकी .

In sentence 2, भाई ("brother") is a masculine noun, so we use उसका.


But that doesn't explain how you would know if it's his or her - that's the bit I'm having trouble with, or doesn't it matter?


You wouldn't know. उसकी बहन can stand for either 'his sister' or 'her sister' in the absence of any context.

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