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"Raj is standing on the chair."

Translation:राज कुर्सी पर खड़ा है।

January 22, 2019



Should this not be "stands" instead of "is standing"?


No, because खड़ा is not a verb, it's an adjective. (Standing is both in English.) So it's like 'Raj is [in the state of] standing on the chair', or 'Raj is standing[-up] on the chair'.

As I've said in several other comments, I really think it should be translated as 'standing-up' to avoid this confusion (which I also had at first).


He probably got a punishment from the teacher:}


Can anyone tell me where to find the correct key on the Hindi keyboard (Android) for Chair? It is marking me wrong for: राज कसी पर खड़ा है But it's the closest I can get!


Type र‍ + ् (halant, removes the inherent vowel) + स for the compound र्स


Thankyou so much! No wonder I couldn't figure that one out myself!

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