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Inverted interrogative/Posing a question

If for example posing the question "Comment le faites-vous?" is it possible to not use the inverted structure and just use rising intonation and say "Comment le vous faites?"

July 13, 2012



"Comment le faites-vous ?" = academic "Comment vous le faites?" (with rising intonation) = oral - correct "Vous le faites comment?" (with rising intonatino) = oral - "familiar", not slang but not quite correct, although many French people ignore it ! Mind you, some say: "C'est comment que vous le faites?" - horrible, but frequent, unfortunately for purists...


@Sitesurf - Thank you for the clarification of when to use these. But the OP said: "Comment LE VOUS faites?" = not correct form at all, I'd imagine?


Nope, "comment le vous faites" is not correct. At all.


Yes it is possible and even the most frequent form in oral French (and that is the option chosen by Duolingo in all oral exercises).


But would you not normally still keep "le" and "faites" together? "Comment vous le faites?" or "Vous le faites comment?" Because "comment" is always(?) used to construct a question, you don't need to us a rising intonation.

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