"My yellow tie."

Translation:Dasi kuning saya.

January 22, 2019

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In indonesian, the possesive pronoun always comes after the object. Example: My book: buku saya Your book: buku kamu Andy's book: buku andi

And the adjective always comes after the noun but before the possesive pronoun My small yellow book: buku kecil kuning saya Your big, yellow book: buku besar kuning kamu Andy's yellow book: buku kuning andy

Hope this helps!


Exactly. I sometimes get confused about that, like should it be "dasi kuning saya" or "dasi saya kuning". But then I remember/realize that the second one means "my tie IS yellow", not my "my yellow tie". A subtle difference, but it makes the sentence change its meaning.


Evry time i get marked wrong because my structure. I have object color the person but the answers ask for object person then color. This time i think i got it! But now it is the other way around. My question is how do you work out where to put the color in the sentence structure??

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Dasi kuning saya - my yellow tie. Dasi saya kuning - my tie is yellow.

The adjective (in this case color) always comes after the thing it's describing, in either sentence.


Why doesnt dasiku kuning work here


Dasi kuning = (the) yellow tie

Dasiku kuning = my tie is yellow

Dasi kuningku = my yellow tie


Is there a reason why "Dasi warna kuning saya" is not accepted?


Actually that's right but because its "My yellow tie" and not "My yellow color tie". You can't put warna on there because warna meaning is color. Hope this help you


It is grammatically correct and still acceptable. Please report it.


Is dasiku wrong?


Can it be dasiku or dasi kuningku?


Dasiku = my tie

Dasiku kuning = my tie is yellow

Dasi kuningku = my yellow tie

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