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ESL Student but doesn't read another language??

Hello! I am using this program with ESL bilingual students, mostly Spanish. But one student speaks Korean and needs to practice English skills. Unfortunately he does not read Korean, so I cannot find a program that works for him. Any advice? Thank you!

January 22, 2019



Duolingo has a course teaching English for Korean speakers. Could he use that course with a screen reader?


and needs to practice English skills.

On what English level?
Absolute beginner / upper-beginner / low/high intermediate?

100 days free course with native recorded MP3 audio: www.50languages.com

Pimsleur is audio.

Have you already tried "Mango languages" how it works for the reading part?

I can't get it here in Europe/Germany.


What is his native language?


He speaks Korean with his family but cannot read it.

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