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Motivated French learner looking for others to help sustain motivation and enter into a bit of "friendly competition"

I have lived in a French speaking country for a while and have not made a sustained effort to learn the language until now, preferring to get by on the basic French I picked up on the street. I am new to Duolingo and made quite rapid progress up to level 9 and notice I am now reaching the limits of my French knowledge. To help sustain motivation, I am looking for some similarly motivated people who are spending an hour or so a day on French to enter a "friendly competition" help sustain each others commitment. Let's friend each other on the site and see what happens. Michael

April 6, 2013



seems like you've found one


Sounds good. Shooting for level 10 today


I'm up for it


You can add me if you want (I am French but I am learning Spanish and Italian).


Allright, lets get it going :D

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