"Their help is very helpful."

Translation:Bantuan mereka sangat membantu.

January 22, 2019

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Is membantu an adjective in this sentence?


'membantu' is a verb, the English translation is an adjective.
I think there is no other way to translate this with a verb in English.
Well, at least, I don't know which verb to use, and how to use it in English.
"Their help is helping"….this is weird, this doesn't work.


How about: "Bantuan mereka sangat bermanfaat." It seems to me that the mem+bantu would demand an object (siapa) which is absent here. Does Bantuan mereka sangat membantu" sound normal to you as a native speaker?


How about: "Bantuan mereka sangat bermanfaat."

I don't know if it's an accepted translation.

'bermanfaat' = useful, beneficial, advantageous

It seems to me that the mem+bantu would demand an object (siapa) which is absent here.

Yes, 'membantu' is a transitive verb.
With some transitive verbs, the object is optional (semitransitif).

Examples semitransitif (object is optional):
5a1) Tini menyapu. (S-P)
5a2) Tini menyapu rumah. (S-P-O)
5b) Rumah disapu oleh Tini.
6a1) Tini sedang membaca. (S-P)
6a2) Tini sedang membaca buku. (S-P-O)
6p) Buku sedang dibaca oleh Tini.

These are examples from this grammar topic:
Transitive & Intransitive verbs, Tips & notes, Addendum.

'membantu' is semitransitif (object is optional).


I'd say "Their help helps a lot." Sound dumb/repetitive, but not wrong.


Why not Bantuan mereka adalah sangat membantu


Why is "berguna" for the word helpful not accepted while it is part of the possible answers?


Why is "Pertolongan" marked incorrect when it is one of the options given?


Bantuan mereka membantu sekali : marked wrong

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