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  5. "She has a tea."

"She has a tea."

Translation:Elle prend un thé.

April 6, 2013



I don't think anyone would say "she has a tea" in England. She has a cup of tea, or, she has some tea. Coffee is a different thing. It's fine to say "she has a coffee".


I don't think anyone anywhere really says that. It must've been a typo of some sort. :(


No, please throw the English type of thinking away because we are now learning "French" , their tea seems to be countable, that's all


Please, there is no reason to be rude. Even if it may be true that they may say this, we have a problem with the ENGLISH translation. Never have I heard someone say that they have a tea. Try to be more considerate and think about what we're saying before replying so impolitely.


I apologize if that made you uncomfortable, I did NOT mean it and yes you were right , i think my expressions were not ok , I just wanted to offer some help. PLease don't take it personally or seriously .

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