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Change Duolingo layout to fit my screen

Are there any apps/tools for me to change the Duolingo layout? I'm using Safari.

After the change from the old black to the new layout it already got worse for me in the terms of space. I couldn't see the whole page, but now they made another layout change which uses even more space, which forces me to scroll to see the correct answer after making a mistake. This is very annoying and time consuming, this needs to be fixed.

May 18, 2014



I'm having the same problem in Firefox, agree it would be nice to have it fixed. For now the easiest workaround is to simply zoom out. In Firefox I can zoom in/out with Ctrl+plus/minus. In Safari on a Mac I believe it's ⌘+plus/minus.


Yup. 6 years later and apparently the trick is to zoom out. Cute.

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Same here with Chrome 35 on OS X 10.9.3.

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